Wednesday, May 18, 2016

For Jesus, through Mary

A picnic under the huge cottonwood tree at noon yesterday with 5 of the 8 kids.  Grandma treated them with cupcakes for dessert and we toasted the new grandbaby, sister, niece and cousin accordingly.  These two are just about 6 months apart and haven't had a lot of time together as Dominic is over here with me and Luke with Ruth... a couple times a day they get together.
Cheers to Josephine!  Today she will arrive with mom and dad for their first visit to the farm in 6 months!  Nancy is feeling sad to have missed calving and all the big changes, so we are all excited to have them come with their week old baby in arms!   It is quite unexpected that she is arriving on the farm and to Marshall to visit great-grandma even before she was due to arrive in this world!  But she is healthy and here and is about to enter on her first great journey.  Nancy has a habit of taking her newborns on trips and adventures...  Berna went to KC to see Hallel and The Community when she was just 10 days old!  Dominic made the big trip to Michigan when he was just 2 weeks old.  I think Josie is traveling at the youngest of all... she gets the prize.  What does this all say?  It shows how important family time is to Nancy and Bill and their family!
Such a beautiful sight and really sinks in all he little ones we are sharing our time with these days.

Such a powerful morning of getting the 3 fed and ready for the day and getting my house ready for the arrival of Nancy and Bill and Josie and a wonderful long conversation with John and PRAYER as he travels about 3 hours away to speak and help with a retreat this morning!  Much filled my heart as the tears flowed recalling the Gospel and the Meditation of the Day from morning prayer shared with Pat before he headed out to pick rocks today.  The Gospel is from Mark 9 - The apostles come and tell Jesus that they just told someone not connected with them to stop casting out demons in the name of Jesus.  Jesus replied, "Do not prevent him.  There is no one who performs a mighty deed in my name who can at the same time speak ill of me.  For who is not against us is for us." 

I tearfully shared with John how St Gregory Palamas in the Meditation wrote loftily... For Jesus, Through Mary...  We both share such a love of Our Lady, and she is so huge for John in his healing journey!
How I love this tree at all stages of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!  Nature's work of art is a lone tree allowed to spread it's limbs and embrace the winds of the prairie!
The boughs reach down so that Rose can reach up and hold onto one....
I told Gus that mom needed to see his smiling face, and all the rest join in on our picnic under the huge tree of great beauty.

Yes, for John and I it is so true that we serve our Lord/for Jesus through Mary.  We feel confident that this is fine with Jesus...In you, O Mary, all graces are to found.  You are the perfection of nobleness in all its forms, the living portrait of every virtue and kindness.  You alone were vouchsafed the gifts of the Spirit in their totality, or rather, you alone held mysteriously in your womb him in whom are the treasures of all these spiritual gifts, and became inexplicably his Tabernacle... you were the unchanging shrine of all his graces.  St Gregory Palamas (1359)
Strong arms to hold the little ones!
Hark the moon!  The kids out picking rocks after supper last night after Pat with Mary and Paul with David return from picking rocks!
The mini rock pickers with their wagons!
Paul and David win!
Bubbles and watering cans ... these two have been playing happily together for the most part!

Jesus, how we love you with our lives, hearts, minds and souls!  We are so blessed to have your Mother giving us the graces we need to face all that comes with each new day, and always she brings us to more perfect love of You, her Son... God made flesh to save the world!  Truly she was chose from the womb to be the Mother of God!  Be with John this day and may he share The LOVE and Truth he has been given in his healing from brain cancer and finding Faith/Jesus with his Queen Mother at his side/His Bride, The Church!  May we find the graces we need to see our way through the storms of life knowing that You are in control.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Toothbrushing this morning...
Watering the flowers in winter coats - it was in the 40s at sunrise today!  The girls just came in wet and cold - no surprise there!  But the fun was worth it!  Going with the flow and it is wild ride with lots of laughter and smiles and not too much of the other.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
One more of the cuteness!
My beautiful red barn is so great for pictures with 2 little girls watering dandelions!
All I want is Jesus and forever in Heaven - keep to the narrow path!

Another Saint that knows her loving kindness!  A most powerful post by Nancy.... sharing in Jesus on the cross!
how to get through labor without painkillers
Nancy's amazing picture of Josephine!

From Maria's blog... a few weeks ago when she visited Nancy - Berna and Patrick!
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