Thursday, May 26, 2016

"Him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful LIGHT." "Master, I want to see."

In the dappled light of the willows in the heifer pasture 5 years ago... Mary and her wonderful Snowball!

 I am stinging from the loss of my pictures taken this light-filled morning.  Yes, I have my computer back, but things have changed and I am still trying to figure it all out!  Thankfully they were not precious family photos... rather just capturing the peaceful times of the morning light with cats and Our Lady statue and things of simple beauty.  They can be recaptured other than the cat on the fence in the bright light of day as the birds swoop at him.  Now it is a picture in my mind.
Snowball's last calf, as she was not pregnant and has gone down the trail to the final roundup... Snowman just before he boarded the truck Sunday.  He distinguished himself by being the largest of all!  The end of Snowball's calves made his mark.  Snowball has at least one of her daughters in the herd continuing the line.  Mary tried to jump in for a final picture, but...
Instead she watched him climb the shoot.  The farm is a big lesson on life and death.  There are those special animals over the years that pull our heartstrings and are fond memories for us...
Mary and her heifer Snowball years back out in the heifer pasture.  Mary thought that it was perfectly normal to have a pet cow!  They truly did know and like each other...
Snowball looking for Mary in the willows on a glorious late summer day.  Maybe it was that Snowball was looking for more apples?  We had brought a bucket of windfalls with us to share this day of memory.

Such powerful readings today!  All about how we are yearning for the LIGHT in our lives.  I have often pondered which would be worse - to be unable to see of unable to hear.  I think that to have your eyes would be huge, and would be preferred.  Living in a world of darkness is so very hard!
Spiritual darkness is cold and dark and crawling with all that is evil and harmful to us - the lies of Satan!
I am seeing that losing my pictures today has pushed me to other avenues of expressing The LIGHT!
Bathing in the LIGHT of the former Monastery of The Community of the Lamb in KC.  An old Belgian rectory that was converted to their monastery in the summer of 2008 when they came to the U.S. for the first time, and in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Susan/Hallel told us that she was going to France to join her beloved Community of the Lamb and say "yes" to discerning the call of Jesus to her heart to become His Bride!
As the Gospel today shows us... if we cry out without hesitation to Jesus - he will have us come to him in Sacrament, The Word, and in interior prayer..."What do you want me to do for you?"  "Master, I want to see."  "Go your way; your Faith has saved you."  Immediately he received his sight and followed him on the way.  Mark 10:52
The healed man followed Jesus on "the way!"  Yes, that is where the "Wonderful LIGHT" dwells as we follow Jesus towards Heaven forever with Jesus, Mary and The Saints!  Today is a wonderful Saint, who is described as a man of humor and overflowing JOY!  St Philip Neri, won many over to Christ by sharing this wonderful LIGHT through JOY!
His wonderful LIGHT! 

I am having too much fun with old pictures today thanks to losing the ones I had taken this morning...  Considering the times in my life when Christ answered my plea to see... What comes through the darkness is when we called France to tell Hallel that we had just been told that John had "something/a tumor" in his brain.  "Mom, do remember the Gospel for today (Father's Day 2009)?"  "Yes, it was Jesus calming the storm (Mark4:35-40)."  "Well, this is the storm and Jesus is in control."  Out of the darkness of fear and doubt came the LIGHT that He would carry us and hold us close to His Heart burning with love for us!  Give it to Jesus!
Gathered around for yummy apples!

Jesus, I want to see!  All the bumps in the road we face, and the true storms of life that knock us down in the bottom of the boat and threaten to toss us overboard, yes the waves crash over us and we think we will never find our way to the surface again... but if we look up through the water over our heads we can see the light above and come up to find your Truth to chase away all the fears in our hearts, minds and souls.  Each moment of each day with every breath that we take and with our every beat of our heart..."Jesus, Jesus, Jesus... we long to come and see YOU in your wonderful LIGHT and leave the darkness behind.  The first words from our first Pope Saint Peter in I Peter 2:2 today - Like newborn infants , long for pure spiritual milk, so that through it you may grow into salvation, for you have tasted that the Lord is good.  Yes, we see your fingerprint upon us over and over in our lives and we want only to be yours, O Lord!  We only want to come into your LIGHT no matter what it reveals to us and the world around us of our weaknesses and sinfulness.  We will not stop calling out to you!  "Jesus, have pity on me a sinner!"  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah!
I was remiss in not wishing my sweet grandson, Augustine William, a happy birthday yesterday... #5!  We love you Gus!  You are surrounded by such an amazing Family of LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT including Hallel's Community of the Lamb!
Surrounded by her Family of the Lamb - little Josephine a couple weeks back!
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Happy 43rd anniversary to my sister, Marty, and her husband, Steve!  Your wonderful family is such a testament to your love!  Soon you will welcome grandchild #17!  So amazing!
How we need to appreciate the loss of life and love for our country!

Newsboys - we believe
Danielle Rose - If I touch him

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