Sunday, May 15, 2016

Holy Spirit come to our family farm, and our Kansas City family, and our military family, and our Hallel in Rome, and our Commnity of the Lamb all aorund the world, our domestic Church/family!

Shared Pentecost mass with these two and Berna's 2 brothers, and grandpa Pat!  Rose walked in half the church away from where we were sitting with her family, and they spotted each other and shortly they were sitting side by side quietly talking through the entire mass until I knelt between them during the consecration!  I did hear their sharing take a more serious note as they gazed at the Crucifix in the front of church and Berna talked about Jesus being hurt, then they also looked around at the Stations on the wall and I heard Berna talk about the soldiers and assorted others.  They are at home and observant of all things from the different parts of their wardrobe and all the depth and beauty that surrounds them.  

A lady friend came up to me at the breakfast afterward and commented on the extra kids... she spoke about how much she enjoyed the two girls sharing through church.  How could I keep them quiet when they haven't seen each other since January?
Into mass with our hand full... Pat's were anyways!
Communion with Pat's mom...
Lilacs and the trampoline
Pat came down all the way to KC to help me gets Nancy's 3 oldest to the farm.  He was able to meet his 4 day old granddaughter.
Back to the trampoline and the lilacs on the farm on a glorious day!
Just before we all headed back to the farm with our precious cargo!  Thanks John and Pat for coming down to give me a hand.  We are now safely back and enjoying the farm life!
Dominic just back from a ride around the yard with grandpa!
Give us a ride grandpa!  "Sorry kids."  Yes, there were tears from the two boys!
The girls playing hide and seek in the tall grass... if they crouch down they disappear in the tall grass, but they do leave a path through the grass to get there. 
Back to KC with Josie with her eyes open in the sun yesterday!  Nancy just called to say that 3 carloads of Little Sisters and Brothers rang the doorbell and held Josephine this afternoon.  "They are family after all."  What a special blessing for this little new life.  I am sure that they sang one of their amazing blessing song over her!
A parting watercolor which will always remind me of my short week for the arrival of our Josephine Frances in Kansas City!
Did I say baby kitties on the trampoline with their eyes open?
The little black one called Shadow.
David and Gus on one of their fun together - David worked his butt off with a cast on his hand too!
The heifers are in the front pasture and are checking out Bernadette, and she them. 
Such an amazing feast day with so much celebrating of the beauty of life filled with the Holy Spirit... there is a song I heard lately which speaks about how we are filled with the same Spirit that worked the miracles of the loaves and the fish feeding the 5,000, and the same Spirit that healed and cast out evil spirits, and brought water out of the rock in the desert... well, we get the picture and we know that with the Holy Spirit at work in our lives we are to be trust in Him and become his hands and feet!  Bless-bless, Barb
Lots to see and learn about.
Such a beautiful sight when they get off the dirt and out on the lush grass!

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