Thursday, May 19, 2016

"I love babies." Rose "I love tomato soup... my mom made it for me!" Bernadette

An exhausted grandpa greets his newest granddaughter, also sleeping week old Jospehine, in his sleep last night.  Nancy and Bill arrived at the farm for the first time in about 6 months!  So much has happened since then with our trading places and the young family now on the farm where both Nancy and Ruth grew up most of their lives. 
Grandpa reading to the two girls and Dominic before bed last night... Ferdinand the Bull!  Our double bed can still fit a grandpa with 3 grandkids reading together.
Rose meets her new cousin, Josie... "I love babies, and she's a girl!" said Rose.
Josie peacefully sandwiched between her sister and her cousin.  These big girls will show you the ropes little girl.  They sure love spending soft snuggle time with you now!  And you seem so at peace and content when they stroke your head and speak softly to you.
Over to see the changes at the farm... grandpa's big arms are made to put babies to sleep, farmwife Ruth and cow TV... still?  Yes, we have 2 left to have their calves and then we are finally done!
Dimples galore - Nancy, Bernadette, and Pat... I thought that Josie had one too!
Rose sure does love to hold her, and Josie says she has the right touch!
Being the youngest, so far, and not having a younger sibling... Luke is unsure about how to handle a baby.  Dominic is getting so that he shows her some attention, too.
The girls seem to like baby time the best!  So fun to have a new little girl!  I told them that they are 3 girls and that I had 4 girls!  "Do you know who those 4 girls are?" asked grandpa... "Your mom, Ruth, and Berna's mom, Nancy and Aunt Maria and little Sister Hallel/Susan!"  My heart smiles when I see a cluster of girls after my nest filled with girls "and then you had that boy!"  I think there was a huge cheer that went up when we walked into mass for the first time with that blue bundle!
Oh yes!  There are also baby kitties in the mix, but the baby girl has outshone them! 

I am so much more relaxed today and am being spoiled by my son-in-law, Bill, right now as he mows my lawn for me.  It is so wonderful to be sharing this time with my two oldest and their families...
The new little rosebud, Josephine, nestled in the new afghan her aunt Ruth just finished as she basks in the wonderful light pouring in the large front picture window.
Ruth's wonderful warm and open and light filled farmhouse now filled with family sharing...
The last day of school!  The bus comes up the driveway for the last time past the cows in the pasture.
Summer begins!
Adventures galore - a bird found - no longer alive!
Luke gets in trouble with the other kids for putting the kittens in his wagon and going rock picking around the yard. 
Biking past the heifers...
Going uphill on the bike is harder than going down  - mom needs to give a hand, and the heifers are super curious.
Saint JPII would want Our Lady higher... he loved her so much!  Today is mostly pictures as I have been snapping away to cherish every moment of this great family time!  Tonight Nancy takes in Josie to meet her great-grandma Anna!   Generations of farm family living the farm life!
Nancy has spent lots of time in this kitchen canning with Ruth and I...
Tomato soup for lunch - "my mom makes this soup for me."
She cleaned out her bowl and devoured every last bite!  It warms my heart to see the little ones enjoying our good food!   Well, it has been a great day with more relaxed family time!  I am so happy and after the hectic last days.  Thank you Jesus for the peace in comparison... if it weren't for the tough stuff the good times would not be nearly as good.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb

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