Saturday, May 21, 2016

It should be Our Lady's foot crushing the serpent!

The three olders are missing, but this smiling pose was a gift to grandma shortly before Nancy and Bill headed out to visit family and friends in the Cities and then back to KC tomorrow!  After the house was empty... I felt a sadness I wasn't expecting after a great yet stressful week with the little ones.  I had Dominic and Bernadette along with Rose for nights and they were so good for me, and now I find myself missing them a lot.  Looking at the swing in the dining room last night... I felt sad that my little new granddaughter will not be in my arms for who knows how long!  It felt so good to spend time with her and for Nancy's family to share in our crazy farm life.  We know how much Nancy loves her farm heritage and wants to share that with her kids!

Josie has a picture of her meeting the calves for the first time of many, I hope, but she will not remember it otherwise.

Saturdays are so special in their dedication to The Blessed Virgin Mary!  I love that, and am filled with happiness joining with my amazing Church in this truth that only The Catholic Church holds!  When my Protestant mother had a devotion to Mary, the Mother of God, there was no place to be but The Catholic Church!  Mary brings us to her Son, Jesus Christ, and His Bride, The Church!
I was a bit of a nag to get this family picture just moments before they hit the road.   It was cool and breezy and they were troopers... Thank you!

A friend shared a picture of a man's sandaled foot coming down to crush a serpent and I immediately felt that this was wrong... It should be Our Lady's foot!  We have read it over and over in Genesis when it is written that she shall crush the head of the serpent under her heal!  And so she does when she says "yes" to bearing God to the world!  It really stirred me deeply, and I responded to it, and wonderful friend that she is... she agreed with me!  How we love Our Lady and witnessing all that she has done to bring the world to her Son, Jesus Christ and His Bride, The Church.  I think of her appearance to St Juan Diego in Guadalupe and how she brought millions into the True Church!  All of her apparitions have had a huge effect on the world!
Gathering for one last big meal before Nancy and Bill leave the farm. 
John was there, too, and the girls had so much fun picking on him!

In St James today in the first reading - he talks about the importance of prayer when we are sick!  Having experienced this hugely with John and our grandson, Patrick, in the last few years... we can attest to this Truth!  James also talks about how our witnessing and praying and trusting in him... should that bring someone to Faith how important that is for both them and us!  I witnessed this with both Patrick and John... it showed people/our prayer warriors that there is power and life-changing possibilities through prayer.  It is real and filled with power and healing is the result if we give all to Jesus, who is in control in the midst of the storms, and Trust in Him!
Family fun!

Our Lady was so huge in both our family healings and with each new day I find peace and comfort in my rosary time!  She truly crushes the head of the serpent and fills me with so much strength to say "yes" when everything in me screams to be selfish and say "I can't or don't want to."  She helps me to have an attitude adjustment and when that happens I see with the eyes of my heart the goodness in the situations.  Why do I drag my feet, and why do I almost deny myself those wonderful yet hard times that bring LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT?  By embracing my Most Cherished Cross and carrying/dragging it down the narrow path?  How I long and yearn to be forever with Jesus in Heaven with His Mother and all the Saints!  What does anything else really matter?  Not a hoot!
My new statue of Mary holding her Son... Granddaughter, Mary, shared a moment as I told her that the pot of flowers I bought has on the pot - World's Best Mom - and that is exactly what Mary, the Mother of God is!  I see the love and realization of that Truth in her eyes!  Mary is her wonderful namesake and from a very young age, our Mary has loved Our Lady!

Jesus with your Mother at your side... how we long to be forever with you in heaven and leave the burdens and distractions of this world behind.  May we always keep our eyes and heart focused on your Truth and share that far and wide without hesitation!  May we die to self so that you may live and breath and change the world through us!  May we never cease praying, and we are so blest to have your Mother there crushing the serpent under her heal and putting to death the lies of Satan and the darkness of sin and death!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
As Ruth held her niece, Josephine, her daughters were chanting "sister, sister, sister..." 
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
These two girls were so great together and sure will miss spending time together!
Gus will miss his special time with Big Dave at Ruth's, too!
Lilly brings smiles - including her face!
"mount the cross"... that takes it a step further yet!
How he loves Jesus in The Word! 
St. rita
St Rita tomorrow!  Patroness of impossible cases and when John was little he always asked to read St Rita!
Casting Crowns- Praise You in the Storm
Danielle Rose - Small things with great love

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