Thursday, May 12, 2016

Just want to share some of my time here in KC with my beloved pictures!

My pictures to share!  I am feeling the peace settle in!
I am so close to figuring out how to get my pictures to share, but not quite there yet.  I will just write a bit while I wait Nancy coming back from having Josephine checked out at the clinic.
The girls in the hospital - Nancy just hours after delivery and Josie just hours in the light of day!
Bernadette and I just enjoyed seeing Josie's wide open eyes as she laid on the bed next to her adoring sister.  "She's so beautiful! My Josie is so beautiful!"  Our hearts melt to hear Berna saying her name so sweetly and lovingly!
In the door to an excited family... Josie seems to be ready to enter the "zoo" - so much noise, excitement and wrestling during bath time last night and she did not mind a bit!

I am down to my last couple days here as all are adjusting well.  Nancy and Josephine came home for a family supper last night, and grandma got to hold Josie so that mom could have her meal with the family.  We even had toasts to Josephine coming home and most especially safely into the world!
Watercolors with grandma - making a welcome home sign !
So with all going smoothly and dad able to take a week off next week... grandma will be heading back to the farm probably on Saturday morning.  It will be good to get back home to my husband, but sad to miss all the goings on around here.
We love you Mom and Josie!
I miss sharing prayer with my husband in the mornings usually before we head out into our day. Today Pat was happy to report the nice rains we have gotten after the crops were in the ground - about a good inch!  Today they will be checking on fence and on the cows and calves out on pasture.  Here the kids went out right after breakfast each with a watering can and proceeded to empty the swimming pool by watering everything in sight!
Dominic is not quite sure what she is... it is starting to sink in.
Gathering around the new member of the Bandzuch family. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing the family together as much as I do sharing it!  The girls are spending lots of time together while the boys are a bit more into running around and coming over to take a look from time to time.  I think Berna will be a good help keeping that nuk in her mouth!
We are so excited and praying for a good friend of Nancy's delivering twin girls today!  Jesus, we love you and know that you are in control and therefore we find peace as we place our trust in you.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Passing on the round faces much?  After 4 girls - they give me so much happiness!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke and two little girlies of the 5 granddaughters and 8 grandsons!
Life is a precious gift to be cherished and protected no matter the cost!

Yes, God above all else!

The best hour of my week!

Danielle Rose - the Saint that is just me
Oh my this is so amazing!  Please treat yourself to a wonderful eye-opening article about how we are living in a domestic monastery due to our being open to LIFE!  How I beam with joy and I look upon each of my girls - one is a contemplative sister, who I got to talk to yesterday for about 20 minutes her in Rome and I here in KC!  The other 3 girls all have been called to marriage and being open to life have large families by today's standards!  How true is this wonderful sharing about how dying to self as we raise LIGHTS and care for their every need.... we are placed in a Domestic Monastery!
Danielle Rose - Wonderfully made - Psalm 139
Maria finally put pictures of their visit here last week... now they need to come back and meet Josie!
The 2 three year olds are best friends!
All but Dominic and now Josie!

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