Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial day 2016... "In you, my God, I place my trust." Psalm 91:2

Out by the campfire last night - Luke and Roger pose with smiles on both their faces.  It is so great to see Roger having someone his size to hang out with, and Luke is constantly outside enjoying farm life and Roger is usually along beside him.  It just feels right to have the young family on the farm!  Ruth was reminiscing last night about how the kids would take big sticks out of the grove and put them in the fire and have homemade sparklers and torches to run around with.  Soon the kids were having fun reliving Ruth's childhood.  I marvel at this over and over and over!
Standing around the same fire pit that their mom and siblings roasted marshmallows over almost 30 years ago! 
John and Mary trying to touch toes on the swings!  Such a gift to have the young family bringing daily life to our farm!
It looks to be a good apple year this year!
Love the lighting, the color and the kids!

It has been a wonderful morning on this glorious day spending time with John - sharing breakfast and the office/morning prayer!  How the tears flowed when we shared our petitions - to have this gift of our sharing another pause in John's life where he comes home to pray and look for what the future holds!  It seems to be about this time of the year, and John gets his share of farm work now and watching for heat is big right now.  Please join us in our prayers for his call to be revealed to him once again.
It has been a special spring with more camp fires than usual... the bugs seem to be coming slowly this year and the weather is spectacular!  This has been the type of camping we love - have the fun of being out by a fire and running around with the family  away from the TV and enjoying each other.  Then go into your beds at night!  The best!
Ruth's garden coming up nicely with the wonderful inch and a half of rain!  Thank you, Lord, we are so grateful for this million dollar rain!  So many times over our years of farming - 37 years - the rains have come after much prayer and desperation and the crop is saved!  This rain was warm and gentle and most of the day!  Perfection!
An exhausted Rose after a long day of working with the cows and calves yesterday!
The three men heading out to switch pastures behind our place.  I just got word that the farm family is coming over for lunch on the porch!  It will be a great Memorial celebration!
Out to put clothes on the line this glorious day, and put together a red, white and blue bouquet and placed them close to the heart of The Mother of God!  Who better to recall all the lives sacrificed in battle than the Mother, who cares for all our needs here and in heaven and on the way to heaven? 
Holy Mother, war is so horrible and leaves so many scars on families left behind.  Bring your comforting care and love into those hearts hurting and bring peace to this torn and violent world!
To Jesus through Mary!  Jesus, we trust in you.   Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The Psalm today is so true for our country and world - it could be such a better place/a small slice of heaven here on earth if only we would place our trust in God and put Him first!
"In you, my God, I place my trust."
The "yes" of Mary brought LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT into the world, and how we cling to that Cross!
Life is good!
Eric Clapton- Holy Mother

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