Sunday, May 8, 2016

Motherhood is the best!

A full clothesline, kids and lilacs - a sure sign that a mother is embracing her call to be open to life and raise lights by caring for needs, and binding up wounds, and protecting life no matter the cost, and sharing faith with joy daily, and making food, washing clothes, keeping the house clean, keeping kids safe and nursing them when they are sick or hurt... if it sounds like a full time job - it is and then some - it is 24/7!
The 4 farmwives a few days ago at Ruth's.  Add farming to all that!  Ruth has added being a farmer along side her husband and dad and not merely a farmwife like I am.  Pat's mom was much the same with all the work she did like milking cows and being in charge of laying hens!  She also baked bread twice a week for a family of 12!!!  Work like we have never known!  We all have shared the joy and work of motherhood!  For me, it is the only thing I ever wanted to do full time and now with helping the daughters with their families gives me so much JOY... the ability to step back into motherhood!
Here is what I am so excited to be a part of this week!  The arrival of our 13th grandchild with Nancy having her little girl this week!  I will be heading down to KC in a few days as we gather to support and help and share in the excitement of a new life! 
Daughter, Maria, enjoying a rare snuggle with her sleeping youngest, Romeo.  This fall he will be a big brother and grandma will come to where they are living with the military to help out and welcome grandchild #14!  LIFE is an amazing gift we celebrate and with each new member our love only grows larger and fuller and richer and is not stretched thin.  It is the wonder of our LOVE for LIFE and raising LIGHTS!
Rose happened to find this Thanks Mom for LIFE button at great-grandma's this morning and put it on her dress.  How appropriate on this day that over the years I have sold roses for Mother's Day at all the masses.  These last couple years it has been taken over by others.  Awaking this morning and remembering how the kids would make us breakfast in bed for Mother's and Father's Days.  Ruth went and got the food and fixed it at great-grandma's for our Mother's Day feast - she even got the little smokies to go with the rolls and fruit!
Rose being the 4th child can certainly wear this button with pride and genuine truth as many would not consider having that many kids this day and age.  Sadly the lies of Satan that 2 is the perfect number of kids and therefore we can have more stuff or more time for yourself or there are too many populating the world - all lies!
Such a special weekend with John around to share meals, prayer, mass and taking Communion to his grandma this morning.  It made me realize that meals are so much more enjoyable when shared with someone and with John laughter is always involved!  Being here with me, helping me with jobs and getting my garden in... thanks so much Ruth and family, it makes me feel my motherhood is appreciated and honored!
"The Body of Christ, grandma."  "Amen"
Yes, I am thinking about my wonderful mom today, too!  She modeled for me a woman, who says "yes" to life in the midst of a Protestant world, which is so amazing and then her love for The Church - led there by the Mother Supreme - Mary the Mother of God!
Praying each morning with my Deacon dad the office and readings and lifting up the family!  True motherhood continues on for generations to come!
Our motherhood changes from moment to moment caring for our children, when they are in our home with us to caring for them with constant prayer and from time to time lending a hand, too!
I am now called to be the contemplative I had been discerning for myself - I was called to marriage, yet I now have a daughter, who is that contemplative and holds all of us and our needs up in prayer daily!  The Best!
Never too many mothers and so blessed to have Mary the Mother of God always with me!
Yes, my mother was amazing wonderwoman, too!
Jesus, we thank you for the gift of LIFE and those mothers that said "yes" to give without counting the cost.  May we honor them always.  May the world see through the examples of families that are open to life and raising lights... that true happiness and a small slice of heaven here on earth can be found in this way!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Ruth with her bunch of farmkids and farmer husband - now stepping into the life called farming and allowing grandma to find more peace and contentment and quiet to be a contemplative praying grandma, who writes, takes care of chickens, writes and is obsessed with pictures.  Thank you, Ruth Ida Rose!  You do so much and then some!  Such a great mom, first and foremost, wife, farmer, fertility care specialist, nurse wound care specialist, gardener, construction and carpenter and builder and on and on and on!  You amaze me!
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Mary with Mother's Day roses for great-grandma, grandma, mom and aunt Joyce, who is here with Pat's mom!  We all celebrate Motherhood!
A Motherhood procession!
Being the 5th Luke has much truth in thanking mom for life!  Brown eyed Luke comes across the aisle to visit after Communion.  Feeling happy and at home at Church is such a good and healthy thing for kids! 
"We never give more honor to Jesus than when we honor his Mother."

- St. Louis Marie de Montfort
No more beautiful image of Motherhood!
Danielle Rose - Hail Holy Queen
Danielle Rose - A Mother's Song
"For those who may be feeling a little lonely on Mother's Day - we always have our Mother with us." from my friend, Lisa!
I have some pretty wonderful like-minded and the same heart for Our Lady and The Church!  How I love that!

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