Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Passionate LOVE for LIFE!

A brother under each arm is a appropriate picture of granddaughter Therese, who is the oldest of 4 with a new sibling on the way!  How Therese loves LIFE, and as Maria shared yesterday on her blog that "T" is now crafting to help pass the time - 6 more months until the arrival, as she is so over the moon excited that she counts each day with the utmost of anticipation!  She is no flash in the pan of ooing and ahhing over the little one and then getting bored or tired quickly.  No, this girl is there right by her mom's side for the diaper changes, the dressing, the feeding, and all the baby's needs!  She had to attend to her baby doll when she was just 2 and welcomed her brother, David, but when she was almost 7 with the arrival of Romeo she would dress him and when he cried she was there looking after his needs and reporting to her mom!  She loves babies and LIFE!

Maria shared that to tone down her excitement and longing for the arrival of her new sibling that Therese has taken up crafting so that she will refrain from counting down each day..." Thérèse is determined to make this pregnancy go quickly (at least for her).
She has plans to craft-away all of the next 6 months continually, so that she is too busy to count the days.
I somehow don't believe she actually won't count down the days, though.
We are, after all, talking about T.... and a baby.
Anyhoo... here is one of the first crafting projects that she tackled.
Thanks, Aunt Nancy, for the "melty" beads!"
How I smiled deep into my soul when I read those words - "We are, after all, talking about T.. and a baby."  Her love goes so very deep!
Therese hard at work...
Today is the feast of St Philip and St James... I happen to have brothers by both those names, so I wish them a happy feast day today!  In the Gospel today Jesus tells us in John 14... "I am the Way, the Truth, and the LIFE."  The passion we have for LIFE comes from our very heart and soul as we see with eyes of Faith that this is the supreme gift of Christ's life entering the world - LIGHT for the nations!
Ruth, Rose and Luke over for helping pull weeds and lunch on the beautiful porch yesterday!  All Ruth's hard work is so appreciated by Pat and I!
What makes for this deep passion for life?  Eyes of the heart that truly recognize the miracle of life and how it is to be yearned for with an openness to life and cherished and protected and nourished and raised to be a light for the world of darkness/the culture of death which permeates this world we live in.  Even 38 years ago when Pat and I were at our marriage encounter in St Paul, all the other couples only wanted two or less kids when we shared that we wanted a large family.  It made me question if we were being selfish to bring many children into this mess of a world.  Pat did not hesitate one minute - "The world needs lights!"  All my doubts, fears and doubts melted away!
This is the motto our family lives by and now to the next generation!  How I long to shout it from the rooftops!  Do not listen to the lies of the world!  Have more kids and not more stuff!!!!!  There is no comparison to LIFE!
Newly 4 year old Rose in the clouds!
Jesus, may your LIFE fill this earth with goodness and LIGHT!  It is such a delight to share this passion for LIFE and protecting and cherishing it no matter the cost!  We are united with you and your Church, my Jesus!  We are open to life and raising them as lights to go and make a difference in this world - to chase away the darkness and bring into the light the lies and deceit of Satan.  You assured us in the Gospel today that we will do your works here on earth and "if you ask anything in my name, I will do it."  Filled with Trust and HOPE we rely on you always and eternally.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
How can we not believe that this world can be filled with Goodness, LIGHT, LOVE, and glorious LIFE when we see this all around us?  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Spring is sprung!
Rose in the clouds!
Following this path has not been easy, but the fruits are rich and plentiful and so good!
How I love sharing this journey of Faith in The Church with my friend, Scott Hahn!
St Augustine is so wise!
Danielle Rose - wonderfully made - Psalm 139
Unspoken - Start a fire
Lauren Daigle - I am yours

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