Friday, May 13, 2016

Small world... "Feed my lambs." Jesus to those that love him

It is so amazing to watch little Josie at just a few days old joining her sibs in their day to day lives.  We are just back from her first walk to the park a couple blocks away!  I couldn't help remembering how surprised people would be when I would bring my newborn just days old to mass for the first time.  I guess my kids were raised like that too.
Since Dominic we have the tradition of bringing this special chair outside for some pictures.  It was more of a challenge now with 4 kids and Dominic not much smaller than Gus... we grabbed a few, and Berna is not happy with the close quarters with 2 big brothers.
Rose bushes in the sun behind, and Gus barely visible... little Josie sleeps and sleeps...
The girls are happy when the boys go off to play.  Berna just loves to hold her baby sister peacefully and bonding together.  Bernadette really shows the most interest and loves to be close to her sister.  We were just down on the couch and Berna looked up to see the statue of Mary holding baby Jesus on the mantle.  "Her is so special."  Berna said about Mary with Jesus, a tiny baby just like Josie.
A picture of sweet contentment and peace - Bernadette is so happy to have her new baby sister!

A message from a dear friend and mother of 5 little ones talking about coming down here to KC to visit with the Community of the Lamb and inviting me and Mary along... as we have shared coming here together for taking the habit a few years back.  Not knowing that I am now in KC and that this is where Nancy lives!  Such a small world when our paths cross and our spiritual life draws us into sharing wonderful experiences together.
Berna is not happy when Dominic pops back in to say "cheese" but Josie is totally fine with it.  With 3 older ones chances are she will be laid back and accepting... it sure looks like it at day 3!

The Gospel today at the end of John 21 where Jesus asks Peter 3 times if he loves him and to feed his lambs, tend his sheep and feed his sheep.  We all do our sinning on a regular basis and look away from The Cross and carrying it and following after Jesus as he asks him.. in other words we all do our denying of knowing or loving Jesus.  Yet, he loves and forgives us unconditionally and he in return asks us to feed his lambs!  We are called to serve without counting the cost!
Jesus, I find myself a bit overwhelmed by life and not sure just what my place is or what is the right thing to do.  I hear you telling me to care for and tend to and feed and be watchful over their safety of the little ones in my care.  May I be ever vigilant and be loving and kind when I am tested.  I am blessed with times of laughter at the cute antics and love shared with their parents, each other and the newest member of this domestic Church/family.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
A sunny picture taken last week when Maria was here with her 4!  There is talk now of the others coming to visit Josie soon, or us going there.  Keep all safe in their travels. Josie you are part of an ever growing family/domestic church and many want to meet and hold you close to their hearts burning with love for you.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke, grandma of 13!
Patrick and Bernadette are just a month apart and now are very good friends.
Fun times to come for our growing family spending time together here and there.  Maybe on the farm next week?  Time will tell.

Laura Daigle - Trust in you
Nancy's Godmother, my sister, Mary Josephine!

The 99th anniversary of Mary's apparition in Fatima!

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