Saturday, May 7, 2016

So tired after a big day putting the garden in with family!

John made the mistake of asking me what I wanted for Mother's Day - "I want help planting my garden.  No stuff just help."  He was stuck good!  It started with sharing breakfast and some selfies thrown in here and there.  Lilacs and the Lourdes candle made it so special, and so wonderful to share a meal together - breakfast tastes so much more wonderful sharing it with someone and laughter!
Our Mother of Lourdes.. .how we share a great LOVE for her!
First things first - spending time in prayer sharing the Office with Lilly the dog and reminiciensing how 7 years ago they nursed each other back to health!

Helping mom put clothes on the line after we had done the chickens, then off to buy our tomato plants before putting two gardens in!
Rose and Luke helping with the watering of the tomato plants
Simon digging the holes...
Rose watering.
Time to work on grandma's garden - so many good helpers!  John had to go and help the farmers, so he managed to get out of most of it!  I am so tired that I am going to call this quits.  Happy Mother's day to all!  bless-bless, Barb
It sure feels good to have it in!

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