Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Word of the Lord remains forever. I Peter 1:25

How I adore the LOVE Scott Hahn shares for Jesus in The Word!  If anyone is aware of his story of conversion - His Study of The Bible led him into the True Church even with much preconceived notions about Catholicism holding him back!  He has come to embrace the whole package and written many books to back each part up!  He wrote about coming to terms with our devotion to Mary, and The Eucharist, and each stumbling block that Protestants have with The Church!
Here is one of the Utube videos of his conversion... only 10 minutes.
I am so blessed to have him as a friend on FB and share most every post he puts there.  He says things much better than I and when I read them the inner LIGHT turns on and responds whole-heartedly to his words of wisdom and truth!  We are kindred followers and totally in LOVE with The Church.  We are not shopping cart Catholics - we love and believe all without reservation.  For Scott there is the added ministry of putting into eloquent words the enlightenment he has received through the journey The Holy Spirit has led him on!  Thanks to his being open to the Truth - many others have had their eyes of Faith opened, also!
They call her great-grandma with candy, and there is a reason for that.  "Please" and "Thankyou" is involved in getting some candy when you are leaving her home.

The words of St Peter today in I Peter - the first reading... "All flesh is like grass, and all its glory like the flower of the field; the grass withers, and the flower wilts; but the word of God remains forever."  Looking around at the full bloom of spring/summer and the seeds springing forth from the earth in the fields and my gardens - there is always that feeling of appreciation that the long winter is past, yet we know that this all passes so quickly and soon we will be facing the fall and winter cold once again.  It is truly passing!  Yet, as Scott wrote this morning - This book is a long love letter from The  Father to his beloved children still on their earthly pilgrimage.  Wow!  Don't you just feel that LOVE envelope you when you read the readings from each day in The Church?  Knowing that they are being read all the world over and preached on and meditated on and chewed/mendicated on, and The Holy Spirit is leading us in LOVE to follow after Jesus carrying/dragging our most Cherished Cross down the narrow path leading to LIFE forever with Jesus, Mary and all the Saints in Heaven!
The cattle going out on Sunday!

I personally love to read the thoughts of the great Saints and those that have given their lives over to study of The Word.  Those that have been named Doctors of The Church over the centuries as they bring us deeply into the Truth and Wisdom and we are asked to trust them in taking us ever deeper and stronger into our Faith!  There are many Ah-ha moments for me when I read my Saint Pope John Paul II - although I must admit sometimes he is way over my head.  I also love to read Venerable Thomas A'Kempis, who was huge in my early Catholic days - Imitation of Christ!  I have shared numerous times that there is so much to bring us to this place of filling ourselves with LIGHT and Truth that we cannot take it all in!  Each day we learn and grow and know that we are loved with unconditional LOVE and forgiveness through our reading of the Word!
Rose and Grandpa Larry helping to turn the cattle to go up the shoot and onto the truck.

Pat, Paul and Ruth... the cattle farmers at the end of the road for this year's calves!

This love letter we find in The Word is not one of lollipops and pussy willows... today in the Gospel Jesus reminds his followers that we are called to serve, and we all know how hard that is!  To leave our desires and wishes and hopes and dreams according to the world for all that is bright and beautiful.  We are called to constantly put our Faith first and ask him for his path we are to take - Barb's path and journey is where I want to be and that means that I need to serve without counting the cost and die to self so that Jesus may live in me and use me to his honor and glory no matter what!
Rose taking it all in!  Farmgirl through and through, and happy with the big change!

Jesus, I am overwhelmed by all that you give me each day of this journey!  All I am asked to do is to put you first and all the rest will fall into place!  In order for you to be first in my life... I must die to self and allow your Spirit to work through me.  How do I do this with the constant ongoing battle within?  When my selfish desires rear their ugly head, when temptation strikes, when I want to say no to those that ask of me... help me to look to You and partake of your Sacraments, spend time each day in prayer, read Your LOVE letter to me in your Word, and ask Your Mother and the Saints to help me!  There is so much always there to help me!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

The final journey - life and death on the farm is truly a lesson on the passing of our lives here on earth... so short and temporary, how we long for eternity with Jesus!   Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Such a sweet picture of Pat and his mom sleeping and holding hands on Sunday together. 
Yes, yes, yes!!!
It was so great to have John home for the weekend!  Sharing Sunday dinner with my men is a gift!'
The storms of LIFE - Jesus is in control!
Casting Crowns - Praise you in the storm
Casting Crowns - If we are the Body
Eric Clapton - Holy Mother

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