Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Unexpected delivery!

Yes, I find myself in Kansas City this day awaiting the arrival of grandchild #13 and granddaughter #5!  After an ultrasound at noon, Nancy and Bill were told that she will arrive today, so grandma jumped in the car and arrived in time to allow Bill to join Nancy at the hospital!  An old one of my Bernadette!
Gus on the jungle gym

An oldie of Bernadette - soon to be a big sister!  I have taken many pictures, but am not able to share them so I am borrowing some Nancy has here on her desktop!  Berna brought a beautiful white sundress to me to put on today, but we are saving it for going in to see her new sister.  So much excitement!
This one taken a few weeks ago at a family day.  

It has been so fun to watch the kids this morning.  Dominic likes to be by grandma or looking at books, Gus is into his legos and has been altering a spaceship design, and Berna has been working outside watering plants, wiping rain water off the table and chairs and watering the pretty May Day flowers they made for Our Lady!  She also wiped the table off after breakfast.  I have seen from an early age that she is not afraid of work right along side her mom.
I don't think Dominic is quite sure about what is happening, and it will be super fun to watch him with his new sister.  Even though he is rough and tumble... I predict that he will be gentle and loving, because he gives grandma lots of sweet smiles and likes to bring his blanket and climb on my lap for some snuggles.  There will always be laps for that Dominic even with a new baby sister.  

It was exciting to see that a Belgian Saint - St Damien de Veuster is the saint for today.  A great role model of serving the lepers without counting the cost to the point of contracting it himself. But also that Nancy's kids are 1/4th Belgian, and so it is special to have him land on the birthday of our new granddaughter. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself as she still is in the process, and prayers are appreciated!  
Lord Jesus Christ, we love you with our lives and are so grateful for the entry into the world of a new LIFE!  Be with Nancy and her sweet new daughter this day... keep them both safe and may we greet them soon with great JOY!  Jesus, we have been given to you and we are yours.  As I told Gus this morning when he asked me why I was saying my morning prayers.  "Because what is the most important part of our lives?"  "God!"  Yes, Jesus, we look for you always and everywhere, foremost we see you in the beautiful gift of new life!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
With my zesty helper., Bernadette!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke and my Kansas City family - soon to welcome a new member!
Two boys, and...
Soon there will be 2 girls in matching dresses... how I love that!

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