Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"We are all called to be saints." Servant of God Dorothy Day

Luke and his little red wagon are always together these days! Pat told me the cutest story of coming on the yard after picking rocks yesterday to find Luke out with his wagon picking his own rocks! The cutest part was that he had only a T-shirt with a big tie printed on it and a diaper. How we love to see the family of little ones on the farm and embracing whole-heartedly in the life of the farm! A dream come true in this day and age where there are not so often those to pass the farm life on to.
I am trying to add more pictures today on this old computer with a mind of its' own! It dictates to me what I can and cannot do including adding my newer pictures on here. So I am using some from our family times last week, which continues to fill my heart and mind with the goodness and kindness and happiness and peace - yes, peace - we all experienced! When could we find peace with a housefull of little ones? Those precious hours in the afternoon called naptime!
It is great to read the meditation of the day by Servant of God Doroty Day, who is on the path to being recognized as a Saint by The Church! I feel personally involved in her journey after reading a lengthy biography a few years back. It just goest to show that we can all leave our checkered past behind and find forgiveness and "Putting off the old man and putting on Christ," and allowing the Holy Spirit to bring us to the narrow path leading to becoming the saint that is just me!
This is a way of makind sense in a real way of the words from the Gospel today - "the last will be first." We who are aware of our need of Christ and our weak sinful state of helplessness when we turn our back on our Faith... we humbly ask to die of self so that Jesus may live in us and we may become his hands and feet and his voice in this world sharing The Truth and when necessary using words!
Bernadette was always thinking of her mom and dad and picked many bouquets of wonderful yellow fuzzy dandelions! Mom and dad were thrilled at her thoughtfulness and love! More words today from our first pope - Pope St Peter - talk about someone who fits the bill for "the last (he denied Jesus 3 times when was the most in need) becoming the first ( the first pope of The Church, who holds the keys to the Kingdom!) How about these words today? "Gird up the loins of your mind, live soberly, and set your hopes completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ." I Peter 1:13 The loins of my mind... What? I am not sure, but life springs from the loins when the two come together and that is about all I can come up with. Maybe if we go further into the reading..."Like obedient children, as he called you to be holy, be holy yourselves in every aspect of your conduct, for it is written, Be holy as I am holy." We are to be mature in our Christian faith and turn away from evil and embrace all that is good and right!
Love these dimples of sweetness! Well,the day has escaped me today, so I will leave this hodge podge for another day! I am spurred on by these wise words from Dorothy Day... "We might get used to recognizing the fact that there is some of the saint in all of us. Inasmuch as we are growing, putting off the old man and putting on Christ, there is some of the saint,the holy, the divine rigtht there... In our baptismal vows we have renounced the world, the flesh and the devil; we have already done it, there is no help for it; we are Christians, we have put on Christ, there is the seed of divine life in us... We have to grow, the egg has to hatch, it has to develope wings, else it becomes a rotten egg, as C S Lewis says. Saint Agustine says that a mother delights in nursing her child, but she does not want it to remain a child always. She wants it to grow into a man." Servant of God Dorothy Day
"We are called to be saints. Sometimes we don't see them around us, sometimes their sanctity is obscured by the human, but they are there nonetheless." Jesus, it so good to be reminded that from the beginning of our life here on earth we have vow to be yours - to put on Christ and with each day of this journey to become more and more yours and less and less of the sinful man. May we always look to you and trust in you, and become the saint you are calling us to be. Jesus, we trust in you. Amen and Hallelujah
The curious heifers thought the girls on their bikes were pretty interesting, and so they were! Usually they run away, but not for two little girls on their wheels! Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
I have my laptop back and just had to add the most amazing music - Eric Clapton - Holy Mother!

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