Saturday, June 25, 2016

A day of prep and prayer... the sign to go on my barn - "Family Time is the Best!"

The pool has been filled...
Our two homes in the process of being cleaned and decorated, because Nancy and Maria and their combined 8 kids are on the way here for a week on the farms!
The kittens will soon have many more hands petting them, holding them and playing with  them...
The kitchens will be bustling with activity as huge meals are made, shared and cleaned up over and over and over!  Some workers and eaters might even be wearing their dad's shoes!
Many meals will be eaten out on my porch without a doubt, and the dogs are very excited for that.
Grandpa might get Romeo, Dominic and Luke to give him a push! 
John will be away on a mission trip and will miss all the hoopla!  Today he is supporting a good friend as he is ordained to the priesthood in New Ulm.  Congratulations Father Garret Ahlers! 
Many icies will be consumed without a doubt... what is summer about anyways but watermelon, icies and getting wet?
The boys getting ready to come to the farm!  Missouri house must be ship shape first!  

The two pairs of cows and calves are now out in the pasture with the others, and Paul has promised to come over and add..."Family Time is the best!" to our barn as a welcome to the two families coming today!
The car is clean, packed and on the road.  They headed to The Little Monastery - Lumen Christi in KC and let the kids run around for about half an hour and then they started for Marshall at about 10a.  They will caravan and Therese will ride with Nancy and help her with the baby.  We expect them for supper tonight.  Ruth and I just planned the menu.

Saturdays are so special... devoted to The Blessed Virgin Mary, and she is my companion on this journey.  I need to get busy to embrace my family with joy and peace... can the two come together?  JOY with a housefull of little ones does not really seem to be able to be peaceful, but I will sit and enjoy and listen and share and find peace is possible!
Our Lady, full of grace, we place our families in your arms.  Hold them close to your Immaculate heart and bring them to your Son, Jesus Christ, for healing.  He took away our infirmities and bore our diseases.  May we share the LOVE we have been shown with those around us - most especially with those the closest to us in our domestic Church/family.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
It is so sad to see how marriage is trampled upon. 
Small things with great love
Humble and trusting.

Brandon Heath - Give me your eyes
Brandon Heath - Jesus in Disguise

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