Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A good place at the top of the world - U of Mary many years later

Looking out from the student center at U of Mary over the panoramic view after many years away.  Up here with John on his continued job hunt... many prayers in the 6 hours in the car asking for the right door to open so he can continue in his service of Christ and His Church!  It has possibly been 10 years since we came up here with John on a college visit.  His two oldest sisters both attended here and as a result of this Catholic and farm and ranch education they had a wonderful step into the world and vocations of nursing, teaching and marriage! 
With the Gospel from today sounding a gong in my heart and mind and soul - "By their fruit you will know them."  Nancy was making sounds like she would go out East to some big liberal college, so her dad and I encouraged her to come and visit the U of Mary and took a picture of Ruth and Nancy with this bell tower behind them.  I placed it beside Nancy's bed and prayed!  She then chose to come up and join her older sister here!  Such a blessing for Nancy as she embraced her Catholic Faith more fully and completely here!  A life-long choice that she now carries forth into her marriage and family and the times when she is able to serve young people as an amazing teacher!  How she embraced promoting the protection and cherishing of LIFE, by interceding with girls thinking about abortion.  Ringing loudly the Truth... "By their fruits you will know them... good fruits for all to see if we give our lives to Christ and His Bride, The Church!"
All is quiet here as school is out for the summer... an oasis away from home.  Soon we will go and visit some family for the night.
The grandkids having fun chasing John last evening.  "You have wonderful good kids Paul."  John told his brother-in-law.  The family farm continues to be a great place to raise kids and give them a lot of lessons about LIFE!
A tender moment in the rough housing...

How do we raise LIGHTS/good fruit for the world to see and nourish the world with goodness and Truth?  We share our Faith with JOY in our homes and attend Church together as a family united in our love for Jesus and His Bride, The Church!  Sharing the lives of the Saints was huge for our family as we gathered for night prayers.  It strengthens our faith and ability to face all hardships to see how they persevered no matter what they faced.  We also feel that we can pray to them to assist us as we go through our lives.  Who are some of my go-to Saints?  St Luke, my patron saint, St Therese, St John Paul II, just to name a few.  How I love, love, love The Saints and foremost is the Queen of Heaven and Earth, Mary the Mother of God!

Done with spraying... grandpa pushing the kids so high!

I wanted each of the kids to consider the call the religious life as a most amazing option for them, so I made a point for them to see and spend time with nuns in habits.  I now have one that is a nun, and John and I got a short visit with her on our way - she in Rome and we in the barren farm land between Bismarck and Fargo.  Kind of crazy when you can talk on the phone like that.  We asked her prayers, and she sounded like - "Of course, you always have my prayers with you each and every day."  Just as I know of the prayers of my parents each day... we have Hallel's prayers always and without question!  Also her special example of how powerful and great and bearing good wonderful fruit can be an answer of "yes" to the call of Jesus to be His own love/bride!  Imagine it!  So deeply does His LOVE reach out to you alone, if you sacrifice the human love of marriage for Jesus alone in a vow of chastity, poverty and obedience in religious life!
A hot day at the zoo in Missouri as a celebration of the end of the homeschool year!  Soon they will be on their way to Minnesota farm time and Michigan time! 

I know that my girls now as mothers to their children are exposing them to religious life as a very good option and having Aunt Little Sister Hallel in their lives adds to that wonderful option. 
Their first ever Krispy Krème doughnut to celebrate end of school!  A rare treat makes it soooooo Special!

Jesus, how this world needs good fruit so that the world can see You at work in our lives and hearts and minds and souls and spirits and families and domestic Churches and work and play and ups and downs and two steps forward and one step back and the dance of life and the Fruits of the Spirit and our ALL as we carry/drag our Most Cherished Cross and follow after you down the narrow path.  May we be open to LIFE and raise LIGHTS to make a difference in this world of darkness.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
So wonderful to have family times of pure peace on a beautiful summers evening!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

So true, and so important to me in my prayer life!

So sad... can't they see how it is taking a life?
33 Catholic Saints in Cross Stitch
Nancy's newest cross-stitch saints!
Laura Daigle - Trust in you
This spoke to us on our travels today powerfully!
Keep Walking - Tobymac
Danielle Rose - pursue me
her discernment of religious life!

If only this came more naturally for me!
For mom and dad - a picture Julie just put on FB of the sand on the beach!

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