Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"and"... two "pearls," mom - Isaiah 55:1 and a Hallel Psalm!

Look whose back!   The 3 youngest were over this morning with mom to check on the broilers and ended up picking the garden and mulberries off the trees, and it is so amazing to have another generation/her 5 children along with my oldest girl having the life she grew up with!  Ruth's radishes went to seed while they were gone, so she welcomed an arm full and I have more than enough to share! 
Kids and dog in the swimming pool on a hot day... soon their cousins will arrive and there will be 13 in this tiny pool... at least some feet can get wet and cooled off!  Probably lots of time will be spent at Camden swimming pond!
The sure sign of eating mulberries off the tree while Uncle Johnnie mows the grass.  David supplied John  with some berries, too.

John and I got to do the office/morning prayer together this morning, and we now have a running joke at how we were leaving out the "and" when we end each psalm with the "Glory Be."  John called me on it the other day that I would say; "Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning is now and will be forever."  "Mom, you are getting lazy and leaving out the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit..."  Today I caught him a few times, too!  It certainly makes you think about the 3 in 1 when you say the "and" 3 times and ponder each one!
Pat's mother folding clothes on the deck on a glorious first day of summer.  Such a portrait of the hard working and praying woman she is for all those that know and love her -  most especially with those approaching 90+ in her domestic Church/family.  With 4 new great-grandbabies coming her family is growing by leaps and bounds!

During morning prayer I had tears this morning as we had Isaiah 55:1 for the scripture reading and also an Hallel Psalm - Psalm 147.  Sharing that this reminder of how blessed I have been by my dad's yes to joining the Catholic Church with his entire family - 13 of us! 
John spoke up to remind me that also with the Hallel Psalm we are reminded of her "pearl of great price" - her saying "yes" to be the bride of Christ as a nun!
A great lady, who prays for her family... a rosary is always in her bed with her through the night and the times she lays down during the day!  Today in the Gospel Jesus teaches us about the narrow "road that leads to life."  She has modeled for her family how we are to take up our Most Cherished Cross daily and follow after Jesus - married for over 50 years, and being open to life and raising them as lights for the world, and working hard without complaint!  Now being in need of help for many things and humbly expressing her "thanks" over and over and over daily!  Such a humble and hard place to be when she accomplished so much and was totally self-sufficient all her life!  Such a lesson to all!
Jesus, may we always strive not to look for the easy way out, but embrace our cross each day and follow after your example of giving our all until it hurts and robs us of our selfishness so that we die to self so that you may live and move and have your being within us!  The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit are alive and well in our lives and in our domestic Church/family and in The Church and in The Community of the Lamb throughout the world, and created our world and loves it with unconditional love and forgiveness.  All attachment to stuff leaves me cold these days... all I long for is You, my Jesus, and to stumble down the narrow path carrying/dragging my Most Cherished Cross and following after your example of being the silent Lamb without blemish slaughtered for us!  Jesus, may I always hold dear these pearls of great price and never cast them before swine!  May they shine bright and change hearts rather than be trampled underfoot!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Our Lady is our spiritual Mother and how she brings peace and comfort to us as she shows us her Son and his endless undying love for each one of us!  "Hail Mary, full of Grace..."
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
We have a call to Hallel in Rome today... wanting to catch her up on the family ups and downs.  John, during prayer, said; "I feel the 5 kids are so close due to Hallel's prayers for our family."  When we called Rome she had just left to meet with some youth there for a few hours.
Shorts wet from the swimming pool and an armload of icies for everyone... Luke is back!  In a few days he will be running around with Dominic and Romeo... we are very excited and can't wait!
Rose with the arm full of radishes!
Memorial today for this young Saint!
Today is the #feastday of St. Aloysius Gonzaga (1568–1591). He was born to a noble Italian family, the eldest of seven children, and was destined for military life. However, by the time he was 9 years of age he chose the religious life and made a personal vow of chastity. As a safeguard from temptation he kept his eyes downcast in the presence of women. Although many tried to persuade him from his... chosen vocation, he was eventually allowed to renounce his inheritance in order to become a Jesuit priest. While in seminary in Rome there was an outbreak of the plaque. Aloysius volunteered to care for the sick, despite the fact that his own health was delicate. As a result he contracted the plaque and died at the age of 23, before completing his studies. Interestingly, he received his First Holy Communion at the age of 12 from St. Charles Borromeo and his Last Rites from St. Robert Bellarmine, both of whom served as his spiritual advisers. On the night of his death, St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi had a vision of him being received into great glory. St. Aloysius is the patron saint of youth and bodily purity. St. Aloysius, pray for us!
Always share my friend, Scott Hahn's wisdom!
Small steps down the narrow path - two steps forward and one step back...
Such amazing food for thought!
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