Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hallel on my mind... prayers going and coming

Hallel reading at mass in Lumen Christi/Light of Christ Monastery in Kansas City during Easter week last year! 

How she is on my mind today so much... it started with reading the Gospel for the Feast of St Barnabas, which is today, the night before/last night.  Matthew 10 when Jesus sends out the Apostles with only the tunic on their back and the sandals on their feet, with no money... poor and embracing poverty and relying on the kindness of others in the towns that they enter.  How this brought my Hallel to mind and how she has one pair of sandals and possibly two habits, so that she can wash one and wear the other, how she has taken a vow of poverty and has next to no possessions.  When I send her anything it might be blue socks and cotton underwear! 
Add to that the reminder as I sat down on the couch to join John in praying the office/morning prayer this morning.  I recalled the with this vow of poverty there is nothing soft or comfortable to sit on or lay on for them.  When I have spent a week from time to time with them.. they are very thoughtful towards me and my family and we actually have a mattress to sleep on, but they sleep on a wooden cupboard.  I have mentioned to Hallel if she misses something soft to sit on, and she gives me a look of confusion.  "I never think about I."  So the answer must be "no."
Hallel has always loved kids and they love her in return!  She now has a nephew, Romeo, and a niece, Josephine to meet!

With all these thoughts about Hallel... I am praying more than usual for her, and usually I pray quite t lot!  I do a decade of the rosary for her each day - #4!  And morning and night prayer.  I am feeling that there are many wonderful prayers coming our way from her today, too!  How we are lifted up and ministered to by her prayers and those of her Community of the Lamb!
John and Hallel... we know of her prayers for her brother and depend on them - most especially at this time of discernment once again.

Jesus, along with St Barnabas this day... may we humbly go forth and serve and minister to those we encounter on our narrow path.  May we share your Truth without hesitation and live in a way that others recognize your love and forgiveness.  We are so blessed by the prayers of Hallel for her family.  It fills our void of not seeing her and getting real hugs very often.  I pray for a "real hug" soon!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

The 4 in Kansas City on Josephine's one month birthday today!

Kiss from big brother!

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