Monday, June 20, 2016

I can see nothing due to the beam in my eye!

Grandkids have been gone for a week, so I settled for kitten pictures up on the round bales.  Ruth returned home late last night, but I have yet to see them or hear about their trip and adventures.  My house will be full in 5 days with Nancy and Maria and their 8 kids converging on The Farm and then after a week on to Michigan!  I am in an excited and happy state, yet a little anxious at how it is all going to work out.  All 13 grandkids together for the first time, and traveling many miles to get here and then on to Michigan!  Lots of prayers for safety and trusting in guardian angels.
They do meet the criteria of being cute, but they were constantly in motion so getting some nice pictures was a challenge I was up to... taking about 50 photos!

I burned to share great accolades for the fathers in my life... dad, husband, and 3 spectacular son-in-laws yesterday, but it was not to be due to many distractions going on.  It was wonderful to read so many warm and glowing posts for fathers!  And it is no secret that I thank the Good Lord daily for my dad and husband and my girl's husbands and how they are carrying forth our call to be open to LIFE and raise LIGHTS for the world!
John's favorite of the 3... unfortunately the next day one had died.

There was a sharing of the Gospel at breakfast before John and Pat headed out for work on the farm.  Matthew 7:1-5 recalling the words of Christ to us about not judging others - Why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye, do you not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?
John had to hear me recall 7 years ago, and I apologized that I am thought to be stuck in the past.  What happened 7 years ago on Father's Day?  We went into the ER because of John's worsening double vision and discovered he had a tumor in his brain!
This kitten is no longer with us...

I recall how driving to Sioux Falls the next day as John was there for a spinal tap and trying to discover what this was.  As I sat at his bedside we shared morning prayer and the readings - this was the same one!  It struck such a cord with us as we had been to numerous eye doctors the week before and tried to figure out what was going on.  He even came away with glasses and contacts he did not need!  John had an eye injury years before where he got a stick in his eye, so this really rang loudly to us sitting there in shock.  Plus for the last few days John has been complaining about pain in his eye like there is something in it!  Too crazy on this 7th anniversary with all that comes with it!
A soft picture.

Part of our family discussion this morning was how we are called to humbly approach all that comes at us each day.  People open their hearts and ears to us if we are beneath them and not above!  I know that I have many faults and therefore how can I ever tell someone else that they are wrong or that they should do things a certain way?  I am blinded by my own selfishness, and indulgence, and pride, and holier than thouness, and judgmental attitude, and I'm right and your wrong, and I know the only way to do that, and by the unjustified hurts I feel I have been given, and by my inability to forgive and forget, or by forgetting that I have been shown unconditional love and forgiveness and mercy and am called to give return that to all those around me... most especially those in my domestic Church/family!
Add an old tractor...

I realize that I am truly blinded by all this crap and therefore how do I ever think that I can help another with that perceived splinter in their eye?  It is not I that helps or makes a difference... I an nothing without Christ and His Holy Spirit allows me to forgive and forget and maybe help my brother in need.  It is not I but Christ within me!
Jesus, may we get past ourselves and die to self so that you may live in us!  Recalling how terrified we were 7 years ago, and we had to give all the control over to you and trust as we watched our 20 year old son face brain cancer.  Yes, today he is the new John and we still give all our trust to you to show him his path with you.  May we be like a blind man whom you take by the hand and lead wherever you will it.  That calls for total and complete trust and we long to reach that place.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Waist high corn due to the moisture of wonderful rains and the heat to make it jump up and grow.  Thank you, Lord!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The cows and calves in the evening coolness... the calves were running and frisking around so healthy and happy.
The bean fields are wonderful this year, too!  Such a perfect sight in the late day sun.
4 wheeler shadows and the bean field.
A weed that is still a work of art!
“I understand now that true charity consists in bearing with the faults of others, in not being surprised at their weakness, in being edified by the smallest acts of virtue we see them practice.”
Lord, hear our prayer!
Love this!  Love, love, love the Saints - they give me so much each day of this bumpy journey I am on!  I cannot imagine my life without their wisdom and example of humility!
Let this sink in and become truth in our hearts!  This is Christ in our arms!  How I want to hold him close to my heart always!
My prayer throughout the day!
While the hands and lips are occupied with the prayers, the mind meditates on the mysteries of the life of Jesus Christ, as presented in Sacred Scripture. That's why so many Popes have proclaimed that, "The Rosary is the compendium of the entire Gospel." Learn how to pray the #rosary here:

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