Monday, June 27, 2016

"Let the dead bury their dead." enlightened by Fr Carola

The costumes were a hit last night with the kids coming up from the basement in assorted wonderful costumes that Ruth has created over the years!  Luke put on one of grandpa's farm hats with ear lappers and he was the farmer, which was needed with all the assorted farm animals including a fly.  Little Jo Jo Bean (Josephine's nickname for Therese) was a cob of corn and she is trying to protect it from the horse, who wants some corn for his supper. 
Pat and I and Nancy with her 4 little ones attended Father Garrett's first mass as a priest.  "I woke up this morning a priest!" he wrote.  Such a glorious day and mass! 
A priest stepped up to do the homily for Father, and I glanced at the mass booklet to see who this could be... Fr. Joseph Carola, S.J.!  I was stunned with JOY!  This was the same priest, who introduced Susan to The Community of the Lamb while she was studying in Rome!  He was standing in her childhood church, as well as Garrett's, giving the most amazing homily ever!  How I would love to listen to it all over again and this time take notes!
I had to sneak up and get this one for Hallel!

One part of his homily that rings like a bell and was so shockingly amazing is reinforced today with the same words repeated from Luke 9 now in Matthew 8!  "Follow me, and let the dead bury their dead."  As Father Carola said this makes no sense as this is one of the corporal works of mercy!  Next he explained in such powerful words how a young man/Garrett that has gone through seminary, been a deacon and now ordained a priest.... has totally died to himself, to his personal needs and desires, and taken on Christ - of course, his words were much more eloquent.  He is now dead and Christ lives in him and therefore he is the dead burying his dead - those that he will serve in his parish!  Isn't that about as radical as it gets, and all I could do was sit there and marvel! 
A glimpse of heaven!  The cloud of incense was as though putting them up in the clouds with the angels and the Saints and Our Lady on their knees before the king in the humble bread and wine - now the Body and Blood of Christ!
The Handmaids were the choir and it was truly as if angels were there!  Two have just taken their final vows and were in Rome a couple months ago.  "We saw Hallel, prayed with them and had a meal!  It is so great to see that Hallel is the same and that she has found her place with The Community of the Lamb!"  How wonderful it was to hear about her and her JOY!  Along with the two Sisters, Deacon Garrett, now Father Garrett joined with them for this evening in Rome!  When I received his blessing, I told him that on the way to his ordination John had called the Community in KC and that they were praying for him.  He was very touched - "They know how to pray!" 
Here is more about the Handmaids in our lives -
Nancy with her 4 - she taught Garrett in HS and now was there to witness his first mass as a priest!

The reminder that we are all called to die to self so that Christ may work in and through us is a very important and ongoing one.  I looked upon this young priest and all those there to support him and concelebrate mass with him - Heaven coming down to touch the earth - all of these men have given up all and followed after Christ..."I will follow you wherever you go."  Matthew 8:20  They have said this and given up their all for Jesus, and to care for us sheep as our Shepherd!
8 of the 13 out for supper on the porch!
Tractor and kids
Jo Jo Bean is rarely set down with Therese and many arms reaching for her!
The costumes start and lots of giggles and finally 2 skits were put on by the kids.
Fun family times!
Farmer Luke!
Too much fun and too many pictures by grandma!
Family time is the BEST!

Jesus, may we die to self so that you may live in us!  We thank you for all the times we are given with Family!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Kitten playing with my hair and baby sleeping in my arms.... LIFE is great with the little ones.  Ruth and family raised these kittens as their mother deserted them at days old.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Patrick, kitten and the farm out the window!
Our Lady watching over watermelon and trampoline time!  Love to see the farm so full of LIFE!

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