Friday, June 17, 2016

My eye/my lamp brings in light or dark?

Bright and early yesterday morning Pat and John were out working on the fence in our yard together, and the sunlight on the lush corn field around us was a glowing amazing backdrop in the early morning sunlight.  Pat on his knees working on the corner support and John assisting him.  Just back inside after doing my morning chores in the hot summer breezes, but it is cooler now than as the day goes on, so it is time to pick the garden, pull weeds, put clothes on the line, pick eggs, feed the chickens and give them water... walking along with me are the two dogs and the two cats!   Over the fence the cows are nursing their calves and eating the long grass.
One of the mother cows by the two calves laying in the sun in the soft grass.

The day began early with John asking his dad and I to come into the kitchen and pray over and with him before he headed out on another interview about 3 hours away.  We always try to start our days with prayer, even if it is what we call a quick prayer - The sign of the cross, followed by Our Father, Hail Mary, and the intentions on our hearts, followed by the sign of the Cross reminding us of our sharing in His Cross and carrying/dragging it down the narrow path this day!

While John drank his tea we prayed the Office/morning prayer, and in the midst we each shared our intentions on our hearts... we have now adopted a wonderful "Hail Mary" after each meal prayer/blessing for all those in need and asking of our prayers!  We then used Lourdes water and said "Hail Holy Queen" which John shared is his favorite prayer to Mary other than the "Hail Mary."   We asked her to intercede and take John to her Son as he asks for guidance.

So powerful and fills one with Hope and Peace... two gifts of the Spirit that John depends and clings to!
The silo, cows and calves and chickens, in the pen beside them, out in the setting sun shade with the lush corn field in the sun behind.

As I was out this morning going from chore to chore I was contemplating the Gospel, which I read starting last night before I went to bed and shared again with Pat and John early this morning.
I was looking at each part of my world with the "lamp of the body is the eye."  There are times that the way I see things is negative and I find myself in a turmoil inside filled with "angst" as John calls it, or a mixture of anger and stress.   This definitely makes that certain job or activity in the darkness Jesus mentions here... If your eye is sound, your whole body is filled with light; but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be in darkness.  And if the light is you is darkness, how great will the darkness be.  Matthew 6:19-23
John and Pat helping each other out... we are surrounded by an ocean of shining green as the corn grows before our eyes fueled with the perfect rains and now the heat of the summer sun!

For today I found that I did not struggle with the "angst" in my eyes and heart.  I could see with eyes of faith that the world was filled with LIGHT as I picked beat greens, radishes and lettuce and watched the dogs eating my asparagus... I was praying for John on the road and as he meets with a group of youth and their parents.  An exciting time for John, who always burns to share his story of finding faith through brain cancer!  If I can keep my heart centered on Jesus through Mary and The Saints... I can find that place of light and peace!
Lilly eating my asparagus , and it's a good thing that I am tired of it and am now getting other vegetables.  When she and Roger start picking and eating my beans... I might not be so forgiving!

The first paragraph of the Gospel Jesus tells us how we can find that place in our hearts, minds and souls of LIGHT/Peace/Hope/Joy... by storing up our treasures in heaven and not in earth!  It is hugely a relief for me to not yearn after much in the way of material things.  I yearn after my prayer time whether alone with Our Lady through the rosary or together with Pat and John in the mornings.  I yearn each week for that "best hour of the week" spent in adoration!  Imagine if you could have that every day!  Hallel and her Community of the Lamb have mass and adoration and prayer and "mendicating/chewing" the Gospel every day!  That would turn on that LIGHT in your lamp/eye and how we would look at the world and others that you come in contact with, right? 

We do not have this going for us, so how in the world do we manage to have that LIGHT streaming into us through our healthy lamp/eye?  By placing our Faith first, and if we can't get to daily mass or adoration even once a week... we can pour over the readings starting the night before, and we can pray with our family daily and pick up the rosary and say it daily... meditating on how Jesus is our all, and lifting up our cares and concerns!
My clothesline time is a thoughtful time and a prayer time often.

Pat and I took a trip with cattle to Aberdeen, SD yesterday - over 6 hours on the road.  We visited and listened to Catholic radio and Christian music, but once we got on the expressway we said a rosary together for our two families, and those that have asked prayers of us.  Our pickup became a traveling chapel and our two voices were raised in prayer together for about 15 minutes or more.  The peace fills us and we gain trust and hope and feel the peace enter us as we repeat these words from Luke 1, and end each "Hail Mary" with a prayer for her assistance to us her children.  She answers and shows us with a mother's love and concern and wisdom!
The other day out front at our place.

Jesus, we long to serve you better and to have LIGHT permeate all that we do and say and work and play and speak and write and pray and do chores and give when asked and cry and laugh and dance and sing and when we are wounded and hurt wrongly and when we are angry and have "angst" against those closest to us even when justified for we are to turn the other cheek and forgive unconditionally just as we have been forgiven, and that "Wounded, we will not cease to love."  If we are placing all our efforts in having our treasure in heaven and not here... then we cast our "angst" into the sea and allow the LIGHT of your LOVE no matter the cost to enter in.  Jesus, may we all have a change of heart this day and may our eyes/lamps cast LIGHT and not darkness into all that we do!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
The Pat Verly farm in days gone by... Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Worlds' Best Mom!
A good reminder!
We don't deserve it, but it's true!
Bernadette and Josephine the huge!
One more time!
Danielle Rose - Hail Holy Queen to music!
Jeremy Camp - Same Power
We listened to this on our trip, and it is so thought provoking!  How do we have a change of heart?  The same power/The Holy Spirit at work in us!
Lots of turtles in Missouri - one week they will be here on the farm!
Getting their van ready for the big trip!
Thanks,  Patchy!  The cold water from the hose must feel good in that heat!

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