Thursday, June 16, 2016

Peace makers do the hard job!

I think you can tell that the grandkids are away for a week and my photos are sparse and involve the animals around or the two men, who are not thrilled to have me out there taking pictures of them and what they are doing.  I came across this one of the 4 girls singing happy birthday to dad about 30 years ago... Susan is in the high chair behind Pat.  He would have been about 30 - hence all the candles in small pumpkin pies for him to blow out!  Happy times in our humble home on Hwy59.  We have so many wonderful memories of our early days there, and now it is gone and only the grain bins and former chicken house being used as a shed still are there. 
The 4 girls about 10 years back... One thing I am most grateful for is that our family gets along and a huge part of that is sharing our Faith in Jesus and His Bride, The Church!  Putting Jesus first is always the path to take and if we do this all the rest will fall into place!  When John and I pray each morning for all the needs we encounter with each new day... we are always thankful that as a family we are in a peaceful and loving place.
I suggested to John that we need to give Hallel a call and let her know of John's prayer needs with his once again looking to see the Lord's plan with a job hunt.  "I always have Susan's prayers, and she always knows that I depend on those prayers."  How true this is!  Yes, we all know of Hallel's prayers and depend on those and know that she is a part of our family journey through those prayers daily!
Nancy and Susan with their Godmother, my sister Mary, shortly before she lost her battle against cancer - she died at 28 leaving a dairy farmer husband and 20 month old daughter.  She looks after her two Goddaughters from heaven and they pray for her!

Nancy wrote a most sweet and wise and true post about the horror that happened in Orlando last week...
She writes this to go with a sweet cross stitch to place in our homes;
As the days pass I feel like we are all looking at our children and wondering about the world we brought them into.  Wondering if this hate will stop–and how we, in our small way, can bring about peace.
I’ve been wrestling with what to say and what to do about it all, all this hate, all these reactions, just all of it.  Sitting here, holding a baby in my home, I feel pretty small in the face of it all.
In the end I fell back on the words of our Holy Father, Pope Francis.  He encourages us to believe that peace starts in our very homes, in the smallest places, and that the path to peace and change is MERCY.
“Mercy is the true power that can save humanity and the world from sin and evil.”
I am the oldest of 11... In all families there needs to be peace and Mercy to keep us together in a loving relationship!  It helps so much to share prayer and our faith!  I so agree with Nancy that we must show Mercy even when we are judged wrongly and hurt by those the closest to us!  This not humanly possible to do on our own, when our first response is to protect ourselves and to attack back!  That is instinctual and how do we get past that?   By dying to self and allowing the Holy Spirit to take over!
Mary did that and does that the best of anyone.  Her "Yes" and her accepting the wrong thinking of all as she bore her Son in her virginal body brought LIFE into the world!  Her loving motherly care for us brings Mercy into our hearts through her Son, Jesus Christ, and allows us to be like her in loving without judgment - love the sinner hate the sin!
Love this!  And I love them and their example of changing the world through love and mercy!  Two humble people that spoke the Truth without hesitation, and convicted those they came in contact with.  They did not join into the hate and turmoil around them as they shared The Truth with the world about the value of LIFE from conception to natural death.. instead they worked in the trenches with the dying and unloved - Blessed Teresea soon to be Saint!  Or Saint John Paul II wrote The Theology of the Body, blessed married couples and spread far and wide - The Culture of LIFE to refute the culture of death which is dragging many into the darkness of sin and death!  How do we ever get out of this gutter in our country?  Mercy must begin in our homes!
I considered a call to become a contemplative nun, and the Lord led me to marriage.  Now I am blessed with a daughter, who is a contemplative nun, and I am welcome to have some special times there in the Little Monastery/Lumen Christi in KC!  How my heart soars and the Peace floods me, and I know that in my unworthiness I am humbly loved by Jesus through Mary and the Saints and Jesus in His Word and in the Sacraments!  I pray that I can be a peacemaker in the turmoils that surround us.
The spotless Lamb is an example to us... in the Gospel today Jesus tells us... If you forgive others their transgressions, your Heavenly Father will forgive you.  But if you do not forgive others, neither will your Father forgive your transgressions.  Matthew 6:15
With Jesus teaching us the Lord's prayer today - this just speaks powerfully!

Jesus, you reveal God to us and we are so unworthy to receive all that you gift to us each and every day!  It is more than we can ever take in!  We are overwhelmed by your unconditional love and forgiveness and mercy.  We are so unworthy of your LOVE and how we witness that in your sacrifice for us - for even though we are sinners you died for us and sent your Holy Spirit to bring us to the Truth that will set us free, and finding The Way to be forever in heaven with you, your Mother and the Saints, and The LIFE everlasting, which is filling us and allowing us to turn the other cheek and give more and more of the Mercy we have been shown!  We fall on our knees and beg for the ability to forgive, most especially those that have wronged us!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Loving David!
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

Yes, Lord!

How do we do this without The Holy Spirit?

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