Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Persistent Resounding Always Yes

Prayer started our day early this morning as John had a job interview almost 3 hours away.  Our Lady turned her Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior, out towards us as we prayed meal blessing followed by a "Hail Mary" for those on our hearts this day.  "Bring them to your Son this day, dear Mother of all."  John and I shared the office/morning prayer as he ate his breakfast, and then using Lourdes water to bless him we prayed together with his dad - asking the Lord to open the doors he wills and wants John to walk through!  It is the only way to approach this new challenge ahead - now where do you want me Lord?  Asking Our Lady to bring him to her Son.  John's heart melts for her and her part in his healing and finding Faith in The Church!
Waiting in the car in a downpour this morning - half an inch with more to come!  Thank you, Lord!

The Gospel today is the sermon on the Mount continued and what jumped out at me is a single word - PRAY!  Love your enemies and pray for those that persecute you...  Matthew 5:43-48
How we try to hold onto this and when I am wrongly judged instead of defending myself I need to PRAY - Persistent Resounding Always Yes!  How does this reflect on what prayer is all about?  For me I need to be changing my Nos to Yeses when it comes to how I should love and serve without counting the cost, and taking what is wrongly put upon me without reacting negatively towards those involved.  To be a "yes" person and not a "no" person!
Nice to see that Ruth is honoring Our Lady at the farm with some beauty as she so richly deserves!  It makes my heart peaceful and glad.  This statue has blessed all those coming up the driveway for probably 20 years!  Now with a new generation living there!

Thank you, Lord, for the rain and for the Truth that you share with us in the Gospel this day.  How we love to spend our days filled with PRAYer and without ceasing proclaiming our love and devotion to you in all that we do and say.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
3 benefits of not spacing your kids

"I grew up with a sister 2 years older than me and another one 16 months younger…and a couple more siblings even younger.  My sisters and I were close enough in age to all be on the swim team and marching band together.  We showed cattle together, took trips together, drove to school together each and every day.  We got on each other’s nerves and fought like any sisters, but we really had each other, always."
Here is a great article by Nancy about being open to life and raising LIGHTS!  It is her way of promoting trusting in The Lord to space your family!  LOVE it!  I most especially loved to read her sharing about how growing up as she did influenced her to carry it forward into her marriage and family!  The BEST!
Romeo is also expecting a new brother in November - Therese will be big sister to 4 brothers! 

Danielle Rose - Small things with great love
Lauren Daigle - how can it be
“If I am to answer the question, 

‘How would Christ solve modern problems 
if He were on earth today’, 
I must answer it plainly; and for those of my faith there is only one answer. Christ is on earth today; alive on a thousand altars; and He does solve people’s problems exactly as He did when He was on earth in the more ordinary sense. That is, He solves the problems of the limited number of people who choose of their own free will to listen to Him.”

G.K. Chesterton
Anniversary of death: June 14, 1936

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