Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"Radical overcoming of egoism, of sin and of death..." Benedict XVI... Rodeo fun!

Every night Pat comes home filled with stories of the farm family now on the farm!  "It is the best thing we did!  They love it over there!'  I spent a good part of the day over there yesterday and have the pictures to show for it!  Luke charmed me on the "bouncy seat tractor," called it that by Simon about 10 years ago when he was Luke's age.  Simon's favorite tractor, but strong physical Luke surprised me by climbing up into the seat all by himself, and back down again.  I have had to lift his siblings up and down over the years.  He is one amazingly coordinated and strong kid!
Rose and Mary were excited to show me where the pigs have been moved to... now with calving over they have taken over the calving barn!  It seems though that they are not used to being in the sun are they are getting sunburned on that pink skin.
The call this huge one Hulk, and he is named appropriately so.
Adventures with baby bunnies abandoned by their mother.  Dad made them put the "wild animals" outside where they belong.
John watching for heat amongst the cows and calves.
Back to Luke in the clouds and always with a lot to say about tractors and the farm!

It was very special to have a few hours with John before he headed over to work on the farm.  We shared breakfast and then did morning prayer/the office and read the readings for today.  So great to read further about Elijah and how he stood alone against 450 prophets of Baal... poured water 3 times over the sacrifice and God sent down fire that even burnt up the rocks, wood, bull and lapped at the water surrounding it!  "The Lord is God!  The Lord is God!" all the people fell down and worshiped the True God!  How we continue to experience being outnumbered by the prophets of false gods, yet we see the miracles and encounter God in our lives over and over and over, and when we share that through prayer and serving and loving and caring and giving no thought to ourselves or our wants but rather serving others without counting the cost and by humbly asking for others to lift us up on prayer in our times of need... they share with us in the miracles and see that PRAYER is REAL and powerful and is our love language with The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit!

Yes, I took way to many of this cute farmer boy!

Jesus tells us in the Gospel today that we are not to change a letter of the law/commandments!
Do these grow distant and make us feel out of touch with them in our day to day lives?  The meditation of the day by Pope Benedict XVI today was profound...  God... giving the "Ten Words/Commandments" that express his will and which are a sort of "ethical code" to build a society in which the covenant relationship with the holy and just God illumines and guides the relations between persons.  And Jesus came to bring these words to fulfillment, elevating them and summarizing them in the twofold commandment of love, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind...  You shall love your neighbor as yourself."
The men just put on a 15 minute rodeo in the paddock - treating the calves and pouring the cows. 

I know I need to brush up on the 10 Commandments, so...
It helps to see them and ponder them from time to time, yet if we truly embrace our Faith by loving God whole heartedly and our neighbor as ourselves it seems that we can follow them. 

Benedict XVI once again helps to clarify..."God has given us the Commandments to educate us to liberty and genuine love, so that we can be truly happy.... Man left to himself, indifferent to God, proud of his absolute autonomy, ends up following the idols of egoism, of power, of dominion, polluting the relations with himself and with others, and following paths that are not of life but of death... Jesus brings to fulfillment the way of the Commandments with his Cross and Resurrection; leads to the radical overcoming of egoism, of sin and of death, with the gift of himself out of love.  Only the acceptance of the infinite love of God, trust in him, following the way he traced, gives profound meaning to life and opens to us a future of hope."
Colorful action!

I find that pride is trampled in myself so often.  It hurts and is miserable, but I know that it is good for my eternal soul and the humility that fills me is required for me to be able to love and serve the Lord through serving those around me - most especially those the closest to me in my domestic Church/family!  Those that are the closest to us are the hardest to treat the best and they are the ones we love the most!  So crazy mixed up and a big mess!
One of my famous walking away pictures!  When I was spotted taking pictures I would get a dirty look and some words to go with it, so I have become an expert at snapping those walking away pictures and with the red barn, and the colorful shirts covering those broad shoulders and strong arms and hands, and the cows and calves - well, it is pretty nice! 

Jesus, I long to radically rid myself of all that is dark and sinful and prideful and harmful to me and those that I come in contact with this day.  May I bring your LIGHT to all that I serve this day and encounter.  I love you, Lord, and all of your amazing world.  I love, love, love your Bride, The Church, with no hesitation I embrace all that it teaches and all it's dogmas.  Each day is filled to overflowing with so much to help me limp down the narrow path carrying/dragging my most Cherished Cross - dying to self/radically overcoming egoism, sin and death, so that I may find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT and share it with all!  Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
My little red barn is so pretty and special... I, too , am loving my new home and am always thankful for all that Ruth and Paul did to make it the wonderful peaceful and pretty place that it is!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
My harvest today...
When I sit down to harvest my strawberries... look who is in my lap.  Yes, now Roger has moved over to join the farm away from the farm!
John's rainbow of Tshirts on the line today - cancer, plays, U of M, and faith related... just about sums up John's life.  Continue to join us in asking for direction.
Fitting for today and every day!
I love this so much!
May we do the hard work of the cross!
PRAYER with every breath that we take and every beat of our hearts would about cover it!
Pat and I laughed and laughed to see our newest granddaughter blossoming before our eyes!  So funny and sweet!  Josephine we love you!
Therese with a friendly box turtle in Missouri
Francesca Battistelli -- Beautiful, Beautiful
Francesca Battistelli - Lead me to the Cross
learning to be the light - newworldson
Lauren Daigle - how can it be

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