Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"stir into flame the gift of God... according to his own design." 2nd letter of St Paul to Timothy 1

There is s joke in the family that if someone is missing... I will add them, or if someone is not up to par in appearance they could be covered over with a better image.  Well, here is a prime example of about 3 1/2 years ago when Hallel came to KC for Thanksgiving and Maria could not make it, so to make the picture in my mind, heart and soul complete... I added her!  It is kind of like imagining our family all together and how I pray that this can happen at some point in the not too distant future, but with Hallel in Rome and now two others from 7-10 hours away, and Maria in the military and moving according to orders... it seems like it would take a miracle for my wish to come true.  I do believe in miracles and do have HOPE to see it happen!  There are some fake plans out there that we will all go to France for Hallel's final vows in the next few years, but with the way our family continues to grow with little new members this could be a far reach, but my prayer and hope is up for the challenge! 
Usually I have to add Hallel as she cannot just pick up and come to family events! 
I guess I used this image a few times, but it seemed to fit... with that big hand on her shoulder helped her join our happy group... together in my heart and mind!
I am remembering one miraculous time when we were all together minus one son-in-law!  It was Susan's home visit 3 years ago!  Now she has yet to meet a nephew and her new niece, Josephine!  The picture will never be complete with all the new arrivals, but I am happy to always have a new goal to get us ALL together!
An image I just came across of St Josephine Bakhita, who is the namesake of our new granddaughter. 
A computer glitch brought the kids, Ruth and baby kittens over just shortly after I had picked strawberries.  Rose approved!  Just getting back to my blogging and John and I are both sharing my computer today, so...  I am trying to wrap this up!
Kittens soon were out in the playhouse.
On their way out to the playhouse for a while.

A couple lines grabbed me this morning from 2 Timothy - the first reading today.  The words that bring a image to mind was "stir into flames the gift of God."  How often do we become lax in our reading of The Word or other spiritual reading or in our prayer?  For most of us it is a constant battle to carve out that time each day!  Yes, a lot of days my rosary time becomes a dosing off time, or it is taken away with this demand or another.  If I am in the car - that becomes my chapel on wheels, and the radio is left off and the beads are traveling through my fingers and the peace fills me.  It seems that John's decade/the 5th as I have 5 kids and according to age they are prayed for on the 5 decades.  John being the youngest - he has #5.  It seems that many are prayed for on John's decade right now - whether it is a battle with cancer, or someone his age, or someone that he has worked with at a retreat... I remember them on those 10 beads.
The roses are blooming and time to get a bouquet for their namesake, Rose Ida!

I guess I was writing about my heart's desire for our family to be together before this big visit and break in my day...  Next thing I knew I had the 5 farmkids here with kittens in tow!
Lunch out on the porch... all those eggs we get every day makes some yummy egg salad for lunch with the added beauty of roses!

Yes, we need to stir into flame our love for Jesus and his Bride, The Church!  We need to use the Sacraments to keep ever aflame with his unconditional LOVE and forgiveness and therefore humbly willing to serve without counting the cost.  St Paul also mentioned to Timothy
"He saved us and called us to a holy life,
not according to our works
but according to his own design
and the grace bestowed on us in Christ Jesus before time began,
but now made manifest
through the appearance of our savior Christ Jesus,
who destroyed death and brought life and immortality
to light through the Gospel,"
His own design... meaning the plan that Jesus has for each of us and how we beg and plead to know that plan throughout our lives!
Out for rose, kitten and daisy pictures by the barn....

The pleading for the revealing of his plan is especially felt in our family now as John finds himself at another fork in the road.  One thing about the almost yearly changes is that it keeps us on our knees and always looking to Jesus in prayer!
And here I was feeling like I had no pictures to share today.  You know not what is around each corner.  Girls, kittens, a red barn and green garden, daisies and a beautiful first day of June on this feast of St Justin!  Now that is a lot when things were looking pretty down this morning.  I love this kind of surprises!

In a way looking to Jesus and asking his plan is exciting and good for us, although the humiliation that comes with it is very hard, and even that humiliation is exactly what we are called to over and over again in The Word!  We trust!
One squinty smile and Simon was out of here!
Luke also was not interested in pictures today.

So we got these 3 and the dog and called it good for today!  A lot more than I had ever hoped for this morning!

Lord, I am wanting to keep the flame burning brightly in my heart, mind, and soul!  I am filled with so much each day that I cannot hold it all within!  May it flow out from me to all those around me... most especially those in my domestic Church/family!  May I serve without counting the cost, always asking for you to reveal your plan for us and humbly embracing my Most Cherished Cross and following after you, my Jesus.  My constant prayers rise through Mary to Jesus!  St Justin we look to you this day, and ask that we may love as you did with your intercession!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Girls, roses, daisies, and kittens!  Life is good!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Lilly has learned to be nice to kittens?
Now red barn, cows on pasture, girl with adorable kitten. 
Girl, flower, and kitten!

Yes, I took many of these dream pictures!
I must end this!
My table filled up suddenly today and it was great!
Love this!

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