Thursday, June 30, 2016

The best morning ever, but sad that we will be parting soon...

I had a stroke... well a stroke of thought that I would like to get white Tshirts for everyone and get a group picture on the farm and with the red barn with Family Time is the Best behind them.  Well, I managed to get that and so much more!
Love the different groupings here!
Now with the barn and the sign and the Truth - Family time is the best!
With their wonderful moms, who have said yes to life and are serious about raising lights and sharing their Faith with JOY!  A common love they share is for the Farm life they were given growing up and now love to share that with their children!
By the time grandma got in there LIFE had happened - two were crying and the headband had slipped and two were just plain tired!
I love LIFE and this is truly a picture of it!

My most wonderful Mother in the whole world, Mary the Mother of God, with this grandma and her 5 granddaughters.  4 of them got their hair French braided by me.  With Jo Jo and her new cousin coming - 2 more to French braid their hair for years to years to come!  Like I said - the BEST morning with all these great keepsakes on the farm!
We call them the 3 criminals, but they are very sweet really and love hanging out together.  Rose has reached 4 in May, Patrick will be 4 in October and Berna in November. 

Therese and Big Dave are just 4 months apart - "T"is 8 and Dave will be in just a few weeks!
The Sandbox boys - Gus with his 2 Daves!

Gus is heading back to KC with his dad and family and will miss our family time in Michigan, so the photo shoot was on.  The next time our whole bunch is together might be Christmas, if we are lucky, and then we will welcome granddaughter Librande!  Always room for one more! 
The two big girls love hanging out together.  This afternoon they are quietly reading and stitching - "doing girl stuff together." as Ruth told one of the boys.  They will be able to hang out in Michigan, too! 
Maria's 4 soon to be 5 love to come to the farm and spend a week with cousins.  They missed Michigan last summer and so are really excited to see our sandy beach!
The two Davids... Little David Librande is 6 1/2 and Big David Lanoue is 8 in a few weeks!

It was a gift to read the Gospel today and find the Matthew version of The Paralytic!  How we all need to have our sins forgiven and to pick up our mat and walk down the narrow path following after Jesus!
Finally got the 3 grandsons together - Luke has mulberry lips and Dominic has a flower and they all have bug bites.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

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