Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The poor widow's trust... asked to give from her smallness/next to nothingness!

Luke watering my double tomato plants... yes, I thought that they were killed by a frost mid May, but they returned to life after I had bought replacements so I planted another plant beside many of them. Now they are both flourishing.  We will see how this accidental experiment turns out.  It might become the new normal!  Watch out 2016 canning season... we could blow our records sky high! 

I am super excited about the amazing readings for mass today!  The first reading from I Kings 17 - the story of Elijah and the widow!  She had only enough flour and oil to make a small bit of bread for the last meal for her and her son, but since she trusted this stranger, who asked her to give him some of that next to nothingness she had..."The jar of flour shall not go empty, nor the jar of oil run dry, until the day when the Lord sends rain upon the earth."  It is an amazing story of Trust and giving from what we have even if we find ourselves in the depths of poverty with hardly anything to our name! 
Luke intent on his job...

This Scripture was an answer to prayer for Little Sister Marie back about 40 years ago, when she heard the Lord telling her to beg for their food from the poor!  Little Sister Marie had looked into the beginnings of their Dominican order, and rediscovered that St Dominic had begged for his food as did the Community/Dominicans he founded.  "But how could the Lord be taking to this radical place where we knock on the doors of the poor to beg for our food?" She asked!  This verse was her answer, and from there The Community of the Lamb was begun.  Yes, they continue to have Dominican roots, but they have become the poor in that they live in poor areas and go "on mission" where they go out filled with Christ in His Word and knock on the doors of the poor begging for their food and sharing the LIGHT of the Gospel!
Nancy now lives close to our family of The Lamb in Kansas City and they recently came over to meet sweet little Josephine!  They sang her a special blessing song and she was surrounded by peace and love! 
Nancy wrote:
"When your sister joins a community you do too! I was awoken from a nap this afternoon by the ENTIRE Kansas City Community of the Lamb. They stopped by to meet little Josephine, sing her a special blessing and welcome her to the community. My own sister is in Rome and who knows when she will meet Josie, but with so many of her community here loving on me and my baby, it felt like Susan was here too."

There are many amazing stories from the Community as they go out to gather prayer requests from those they meet, and ask if they can spare some food.  Some are angry and incensed at them daring to ask when they don't have enough for their own children, but after sharing LOVE by being LIGHTS filled with Jesus in His Word and Sacrament... one gang member who had spent time in prison offered them a glass of water!  The Words of the Gospel come ringing in our hearts, minds and souls - giving a drink to those that are thirsty!
Time with The Community in February in the midst of all of our moves.

The Gospel for today has been read by me usually 3 times at least by time I sit down to share here.  I have learned this from my time and daughter, now a Little Sister with the Community of the Lamb, and how they mendicate ( read each line 5 times and chant it 10 times) the Gospel to become The Word of Christ and take it out to the world!  I find such excitement as I finish evening prayer and turn to the mass readings for the next day, and last night did not disappoint me!  I find that reading them often is a form of Lectio Divina in which The Holy Spirit speaks to us from the Word/Christ with us!
As John and I quickly ate breakfast and prayed the office between bites, so that we could get some prayer time in before our busy day.... I did not read the readings to him, mentioned them and when I was telling him about the Gospel - I was pondering that Jesus tells us "I am the LIGHT of the world." in The Gospel of John, but this is the sermon on the mount and it is Jesus telling us "You are the light of the world... it is set on a lampstand, where it gives light to all in the house.  Just so, your light must shine before others, that they many see your good deeds , and glorify your heavenly Father."  Matthew 5:13-16
Such deep Spiritual lessons she is being taught thanks to her Aunt Little Sister Hallel saying "yes" to Jesus' call!

Yes!  Jesus is the LIGHT of the world, and he dwells in us, so just as a lighthouse on the hill, which is what The Community is called in KC... Lumen Christi/Light of Christ... we are called to be that LIGHT for all those around us most especially those in our domestic Church/family!  We are the light of the world!  We are called to be open to LIFE and raise all those little ones given to us as LIGHTS for the world of darkness and confusion and lies of Satan making it a culture of death.  We must turn back the tide and fill with world with the culture of LIFE/LIGHT/LOVE/Christ and his Bride, The Church!
Singing a blessing song over us before we depart from their monastery - a lighthouse on the hill!  An old man in the poor neighborhood in which they live shared that for years he was afraid of the gangs and the violence so he always carried a knife with him... "since you came it is like a lighthouse on the hill.  I am not afraid any more!"  The LIGHT dwelling in the heart of our country bringing LIGHT into the darkness!
The cupala on the roof glows as a lighthouse to the surrounding neighborhood, and the light streams in over and around us!

Jesus, we become your light within us brightening our world and bringing into the light all that is dark and evil and sinful and death.  Just as the sunlight brings growth and life and food to eat - may our being light to all we encounter on this journey bring them to newnesss of LIFE!   We have really next to nothing to give, yet if we give freely and generously from that smallness we can allow you to work in our world and become your hands and feet!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Yes, we miss our Hallel yet we have so many that share her love with us - her little sisters and brothers and ours as well!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
O Lord, let the light of your countenance shine upon us! 
Lord, let your face shine on us. 
Psalm 4 from mass today - sang and prayed all around the world this day from the tiniest church to St Peter's in Rome!  Each day the Community around the world have mass, and an hour of adoration, and prayer throughout the day.  They also pray and sing each line of the Gospel so that it speaks to their hearts and they carry it forth to all the world!
So much joy and so much LOVE! 
The Cross has become the tree of life!
"At our nephews wedding today. The bride offered a special gesture... Instead of throwing a bouquet to all the single girls, she took apart her bouquet and handed each girl a flower and prayed with each girl, to wait on the man that God has for them."
Such a wonderful sharing.. praying for our spouse before we find him and saving ourselves for him... Yes!
Perfect timing!
Danielle Rose - Pursue me
Laura Daigle - Trust in you
Laura Daigle - Light of the world

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