Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Through prayer I become one with Christ." Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Wearing her dad's shoes - Rose shows just how much she adores him and looks up to her wonderful dad! 

The day today is full of many dynamics that are pulling me in many directions - mostly internally but some actual getting in the car and going someplace per request.  It is also a day that continually feels like a gift as I thought I would be driving back from Bismarck most of the day in the car, and that all changed as we rushed back last evening to get a part to fix the tractor in Watertown, SD, which is on the way back.  The best laid plans of men are made to be changed, and I have learned that lesson very well after all these years of "never a dull moment" being married to my farmer husband now for almost 38 years!  
We missed a more leisurely visit with this little Charlie, his mom and his sister, but we did get to see nephew Sam's new/old Volkswagon bug!  Sam doesn't know that my dad had one of these - about this vintage and we would put us 7 kids, mom and dad in it to go to church some Sundays!  There is a small opening behind the back seat and the little ones would sit in there along with others on laps in those pre-seatbelt days!  No pictures to prove this, just a snapshot in my mind!
John was impressed that Sam made his wish come true - Uncle Herbie is now his!

The Gospels we read these days uproot a lot of emotion in me!  They so vividly remind me of the early days of John's brain cancer 7 years ago.  I remember the Gospel for today - Matthew 7:21-29 about building our house/listening to the words of Christ and acting upon them upon the sure foundation of The Rock, and not sand!  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta answers this question today in the Meditation of the day... Doing the Will of the Father
My secret is very simple.  I pray.  Through prayer I become one in love with Christ.  I realize that praying to him is loving him.  That means that I am fulfilling his commandment.  Let's not forget what he tells us: "I was hungry and you fed me not."  The poor who live in the slums of the world are the suffering Christ.  The Son of God lives and dies through them, and through them God shows me his true face.  For me, prayer means being united to the will of God twenty- four hours a day, to live with him, through him, and with him.
She blows me away!
I should have gotten some better pictures... Charlie was constantly in motion and Lydia slept right up until a few minutes before we had to get on the road... sorry, Chach!

Savoring these amazing words from this humble selfless hardworking, loving and praying soon-to-be Saint...  No wonder I cherish and fight endlessly to keep my prayer going throughout my days!  Yes, I long to become one with Christ and this is the Key!  PRAYER!  So many of the issues that we face each day from moment to moment can only be handled by PRAYER!  It is not just doing nothing - PRAYER is real and powerful and life-changing and heart-changing and mind-changing if only we humbly come before our Lord and die to self so that His Holy Spirit may do the work of Christ in our lives and our families!
A peaceful haven of time savoring this wonderful view at the U of Mary yesterday.  A prayerful time also in the Eucharistic chapel at Corpus Christi Catholic Church. 

Who better to take me to her Son through Prayer but his Mother Mary?  Those beads keep me focused on prayer through many distractions and challenges I face.  The Storms... the rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and buffeted the house... the storms are always there and catch us at the worst possible times and we are shaken and anxious and fearful and guilty and lazy and all kinds of selfish human and sinfulness... but we must always recall that when we are in this state of smallness, weakness, sinfulness is when we turn to Jesus and he is always there with his arms open wide to forgive us and give us the strength we need to withstand against the "storms."  "Mom, this is the storm and Jesus is in control."  Hallel to me 7 years ago!
My pretty flowers thanks to Ruth's green thumb, and wonderful grandkids to fill my days thanks to her saying "yes" to life and raising lights!

Lord, I am yours and I want to become one with you through constant prayer without ceasing!  With every beat of my heart and every breath that I take - "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus..."  I hope that I will not hesitate to see you in all I encounter this day... most especially those the closest to me in my domestic Church/family.  It seems that the stormiest times are with those we are to love the most, and how the wind would cease if only we could be loving and forgiving and serving without counting the cost!  "Wounded, I will not cease to love."  Turning the other cheek is so hard to do!  May we take a step in the right direction this day.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
My wonderful husband - how he loves LIFE no matter the cost!
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
But, who is the Church?  You and I.  Jesus doesn't need palaces.  Only men need them.  The Church are those who follow him.  Following him is something that I try to do every day.  We live surrounded by people who are hungry for love.  That is what we need to give to them.  If everyone is capable of discovering the image of God in their neighbors, do you think that we would still need tanks and generals?  Blessed Teresa of Calcutta - the voice of Truth and LIGHT in the darkness!
A beautiful evening...
My friend and I share the same heart of The Church!
Her wisdom comes from being one with Christ!

Danielle Rose - Litany of Humility
this prayer is prayed by Blessed Teresa's Community weekly!
Jason Gray - Sparrows
Danielle Rose - Small things with great love
The 4 in Missouri 100 degree heat cooling off in a splash park - just a few days away from family time on the farm!  Can't wait!
Brothers are the best and soon a new brother will join the family!

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