Friday, June 10, 2016

tiny whispering wind... Swimsuit and rosary.

Yes, this was taken about 2 years ago, and it is strange to see my former home, and this room is now Ruth and Paul's bedroom...  Our Lady still stands outside the same patio door, but now it is Ruth and Paul's bedroom not the family room/kitchen.

Each meal and prayer time I am able to share with John between helping on the farm and applying for work is a very precious time for me!  Meals alone in my new home 3 miles away from the farm seem to be many, so John here is a time filled with company that makes me laugh and keeps me praying.  When it is just me... I might glance at the office on my phone, but lose concentration and it fades out of mind.  Prayer becomes heartfelt and filled with John's wisdom from the heart!  We have added a "Hail Mary" after each meal prayer for those on our prayer list, after talking to some wonderful friends, who have prayed over 150 rosaries for John over the last 7 years of including that "Hail Mary" after every meal prayer!  We have learned at their feet!
Just back from my morning chores outside in the humid heat.  I decided to pick some fresh flowers as I wanted to set up a prayer space for the day.  There are many intentions on my heart today, and job interviews and asking the Lord's plan is high on the list.  As I was in the shade of the barn picking them a "tiny whispering wind" came and was so wonderful and refreshing for me, the dogs, the cats and the cows and calves in the pasture in front of the barn.  All us living creatures from God's creation were thanking the Lord for the slight rustle of the leaves on the huge cottonwood tree - the sign of a breath of a breeze on a horribly humid hot day!

The "the tiny whispering sound" Elijah heard in the first reading was where he found God.  It was like a sweet caress of loving help all around me!  It was like we all took a sigh of relief!  It is so interesting that for Elijah... this is where he knew God and heard his voice directing him in his life.  Saying much about the way we are called to pray without ceasing and there find HIM!

I had to add this picture of Pat taken 39 years ago this day at Margie's/RaTerra's reception out at Camden State Park.  It was a hot 90+ degree day that day too!  I had made an impression on Pat, unknowingly, by going out to sunbath in the back yard at their farm, before the wedding in my swimsuit/bikini, according to Pat, with my rosary.  A very impressive combination to Pat... rosary and bikini.  Sunbathing now is relegated to when I am out working in the garden or on the yard, and I still get a good tan every year, but some places will never see the sun again!
In El Paso a few years back... Behind Pat is the crucifix in Maria's home with the small sign she left in John's room when she entered the Poor Clare Monastery - "This is how one loves."  Yes, we are called to embrace our Most Cherished Cross and find LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!

The Gospel today pertains to purity and marriage but mostly in how we are to rid ourselves of our sins to the point of truly taking away the source of that sin.  If watching bad stuff on TV or internet is causing us to fall into lustful sins - turn it off and turn to prayer instead!  Stopping that bad influence can be so hard to do!
My early Catholic days at "the farm."  My conversion was known to Pat before we met, and it also made a big impression on him.  Knowing that he had decided that he would only marry a Catholic, it was part of the divine providence I feel when I consider our meeting and falling in love.  I would suppose that most couples feel this way about finding each other.
One of my favorite pictures of us as newly weds... How often do we get to see that loving look directed towards ourselves?  I am filled with wonder and awe and want to keep that love alive and growing by loving and serving without counting the cost!

Jesus, may we turn back from sin and death and embrace our Most Cherished Cross and discover your unconditional love and forgiveness.  May we always love and serve you in one another.  May we embrace the difficult truth of The Community of the Lamb - "Wounded, I will not cease to love."
"Suffering guards men against grave falls; it gives a man self-knowledge, makes him firm toward himself and compassionate towards his neighbor.  Suffering preserves the soul in humility, teaches patience, guards purity, and brings the crown of eternal salvation."  Blessed Henry Susa 
We certainly see this Truth lived out in us!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Pat and I at a shower given by my Basilica of St Mary friends - rosaries gifted to us!  Yes, Our Lady brought us together with my praying the rosary in my bikini!  She continues to be HUGE for me and my marriage and family... Pat's wisdom of being open to LIFE and raising them as LIGHTS!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Maria just back from Rome in 2003!  How my heart yearns for us to be united - but now we have reached 23 going on 24!  LIFE to the fullest!

So good!

Casting Crowns - Praise Him in the storm
A Mother's Song - The Crucifixion by Danielle Rose

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