Sunday, June 5, 2016

"We have said a 'Hail Mary' for John after every meal prayer." "It has been 7 years!"

Calving is officially done!  Our last calf was born yesterday out in the pasture in front of our barn!  It feels good to finally be done.
The older of the two has taken to walking under the fence... mama cow gets a bit anxious when she can't get to it.

We saw some old friends at mass this morning, and it was shared that after 7 years on Father's Day - they continue to say a "Hail Mary" for John after every meal prayer!  I was doing the math... with 365 days x 7 years x 3meal prayers/day = 7,665 hail Marys = 766.5 decades = 153.3 rosaries said for John.  John joked with them that he would take an entire rosary after each meal prayer and we kidded him that he was being greedy.  But when you consider all those prayers with the intention of John and his journey.  Wow!  I am sure those simple beautiful words taken from the Gospel of Luke have included prayers for others on their hearts that day. 
John helping out working some cows this morning.

It was a powerful testament to how we continue to be surrounded by prayers - it is so good as we know that this journey continues and prayers are needed as we seek His path for John.  147 rosaries filled with so much love and concern and caring and hope and joy and support and healing and spiritual blessings!   Today in the first reading and the Gospel a young man was brought back from the dead by Elijah and by Jesus... Just as for all of us are called to be raised from the our sinfulness/death into the wonderful newness of LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT by embracing our Faith in Jesus Christ and His Bride, The Church!  John's faith was dead and he prayed half-heartedly for Faith and a week later had brain cancer!
Farmer Ruth showing Luke how to work with the cows and calves!

"The word of God comes truly from your mouth."  I Kings 17  After the widows son was healed - these were her words to Elijah... may we also bring healing to our world and also accept the Lord's healing hand and words said to us in our low and sick and sinful state.
Farmgirl Rose sure seems relaxed and enjoys her time out by the cows, calves, grandpa, John, mom and dad... it's a family affair!

Jesus how filled with wonder and awe are we at the prayers that continue to surround us and bring us down the narrow path you have prepared for us.  May we embrace our new life and go forth loving and serving without counting the cost.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
It took me a while to find the calf hiding in the tall grass.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
So much LIFE!
Peter Mayer - Holy Now
The day has taken on a glowing LIGHT - prayers to Our Lady for 7 years for John and his family!  No better is there anywhere!

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