Friday, July 29, 2016

A Martha kind of day - 200 quarts of corn and it was fun!

Luke got his first lesson on how to husk an ear of corn.  He managed two ears with some muscle help from grandma.  It is a beginning for a 2 1/2 year old, and his 4 older siblings all worked hard picking our goal of 15 pails of corn! 
It was such a nice morning to be out picking corn.  Thank goodness it wasn't a week ago with such heat!  I am realizing that with the crew that we have the job of day long sweet corn is much more fun with all the helpers and the comraderie we share working side by side and talking and listening to Disney on Pandora.  It was a fun day!
David picked a big pile and Mary sat and husked... teamwork!
Rose is a good worker for only being 4.  She has watched her mom work and learned from her.   Today being the feast of St Martha... it was good to have a big day of work and to be reminded that work is important and part of our lives, and if you can work cheerfully and being together really helps that to happen.  I can see that for Martha to be alone with all the "serving" to do that it was overwhelming.  To have our "crew" makes it a fun day!
Look at all our pickers!
Ruth's new farm kitchen primed and ready for its first big farm job- freezing 15 pails of sweet corn!  I sat at the sink and washed corn for 4 hours!
This spot which used to be our bedroom with our bed right here where the sink is now... it is now called the command center as we can view the entire yard from here... Mary was reminiscing... "I would lay right here on your bed and watch Mulan or Bug's life right over there where the counter is now."  We also brought up former corn days - the first year Pat and I froze corn we stacked it all in a box and set the box in the freezer - it all went bad.  The years that the coons would get most of the corn and we would have only 6 pails of small ears, or the years that the corn would be poorly germinated and spotty on the cob.  We are so spoiled now with pails of big beautiful ears to cut off and freeze!
The hard working cutting crew get started.  It got a lot more fun when we turned on the Disney music for all of us!
The smiles for grandma, Dave had to look so he didn't get cut but still smiled!

I must say that I start to get kind of anxious when big days come up like sweet corn is suddenly ready.  Today was a big lesson to me that sharing the job with others, who are cheerful and hardworking can really make it a pleasant and fun day.  There have been times in the past that were long and hard, and it is too bad that those are the memories I hold onto.  No, I need to update and realize this was a great time shared and it was fun!
Two of my kids worked the stove while I washed the 15 pails of corn.  I was able to sit on a stool and save my knee and that really made it pleasant for this old lady.  Ruth's wonderful new kitchen designed for this exact type of day was wonderful and truly made the job quick and fun.  I know I say "fun" a lot, but I am still allowing that to sink in.
Luke made a lunch of blanched corn out of the canner... about 3 ears and then took an early nap.
My washing station next to hard working Rose at the cooling station.  Ruth's farm sinks were huge and wonderful - they each hold two pails or two canners of hot corn to cool.  It was a fun day, did I say that enough times now? 

It is fun to think of this being St Martha today - the one you always think of as the worker in the kitchen!  I am sure that she is a hard worker and enjoys her time in the kitchen, too.  I am sure that from her asking Jesus to get her sister to help her... that she likes it better when she can have help and companionship accomplishing the big tasks!
We really had a boost when Pat and Paul showed up after some business in town!  Ruth was busy bagging and the grand total was 196 quarts with a few ears eaten here and there for lunch and Luke's... it would probably be safe to say that we reached 200 quarts this year!
I would wash on my side and Rose would cool on the other.  She was cute telling me about her going to the corn palace this summer and Mount Rushmore.  Yes, she is washing her ears with a washcloth.  We like our corn squeaky clean!
With the sun streaming in the wonderful new windows Ruth put into her Command Station - the corn looks like a pot of gold in her wonderful new farm sink.  I think you can tell that I am sold on her new canning farm kitchen.  Ruth had a vision and it worked out according to plan.  I am happy to have a new family fun work spot... right where our bed used to be!

Jesus, it was such a good family farm job day.  Thank you!  It was such a great lesson in how sharing work with a good attitude and under good conditions can make a job fun!  St Martha, you show the way to us - reminding us that a lot of our life is spent working and we need to do it without counting the cost!  St Martha you also said this to our Lord in the other Gospel option today - “Yes, Lord.
I have come to believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God,
the one who is coming into the world.” John 11:27  May we join Martha and never forget that you are our all in all.  Nothing else in life is anywhere near as important to YOU... Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I was blessed with an unexpected hour of Adoration yesterday... a selfie with the pretty flowers outside church and the smile that went all the way to my heart and soul.  An hour at the feet of Jesus.. the best hour of my week, and I got to be Mary this time!  I loved putting two new lives in the womb in the monstrance with Jesus for the first time!  The Best!!!!!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The clouds were reminding me to the LOVE of God for me and the wonderful world we are given to care for!
Did I mention that John helped this year and kept us smiling, too?  Yes, he's tall - 6'4" but the corn seemed shorter than usual, but the ears didn't suffer... they were big and wonderful!
Just out of Kansas City - Gus with his family portrait!

It kind of reminds me of his saying about sharing your faith and when necessary use words.

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