Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"anguish, like a woman in labor..." Psalm 48

A sweet picture shared by Nancy in honor of her little Josephine's 2 month birthday.  It is wonderful to see how much her brother loves her! 
"Josie at 2 months.
I'm so excited to watch the relationship between these 2. Dom only has a few words, but the one he's says the most is 'baby'.
He begs for Josie to snuggle with him, covers her in kisses and gets very protective whenever a non-family member gets too close to his baby sister.
For such a rough boy, who spends half the day swinging swords and toting guns, he is very sweet with baby Josie. ‪#‎dosmallthingswithlove

Each new child brings more capacity for love into a family!  Yes, there are ups and downs and the pain of childbirth to bring them here, but once they are in your arms the pain is soon forgotten and as the love grows more and more.
The cousins a few weeks back.  They all love to be together and have the gift of growing up with many siblings by this world's standards!

Some words from the Psalm for mass today grabbed my attention -
Quaking seizes them there;
anguish, like a woman's in labor...
How this brings the suffering of childbirth come rushing back, and it truly is descriptive of how hard it is when we are separated from our Lord.
Therese will soon have a baby sister to love, but any baby pulls her heart strings!

I am struggling with internet today, and so I will call this done for today.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

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