Saturday, July 16, 2016

David and Mary on her feast day and his 8th birthday... They will always celebrate together!

Mom snapped this great picture at breakfast this morning!  For a newly turned 8 year old you can never have too many candles to blow out!  Every time David celebrates his birthday - Our Lady of Mount Carmel celebrates her feast!  So wonderful for David to have this special feast to  commemorate his day of birth!  The Blessed Virgin Mary "watches unceasingly with a mother's loving care over the brethren of her Son, and lights us along our pilgrim way  to the Mount of your glory, our beacon of comfort, and the embodiment of all our hopes as members of the Church."  (Carmelite Preface I of Our Lady of Mount Carmel)
I just got back from one of the adventure photo shoots I do for the farm kids birthdays...  We started in the house in front of their new door with the two kittens they raised over the spring.

The apple trees were our next stop, and they are loaded this year!
What would it be like without a purry kitten always with you?  The look would not be nearly as soft or happy.
As Grandpa Pat is famous for saying - "Rain makes grain."  And the wonderful plentiful rains are showing on the corn and bean fields!  These wonderful beans are all around the farm where Dave now lives with his 4 sibs and mom and dad.
David the farm boy!
Visiting the Queen on her feastday!  As loving and kind as David is... I know that he will love his Spiritual Mother always just like his Godfather, Uncle John, does!
Luke was along on the photo shoot, too...
He came over to see the Mother of Jesus with us.
Mary, Luke and David in black and white by the grain bins!  How I love my grain bin pictures and have to make some into black and white.  I recall some with lilacs with his mom and dad on the occasion of their engagement!  There are certain special places I revisit for my shoots!
A more serious pose, but I must say that Dave was into it today and cooperated very nicely.  Thanks, Dave!
Luke looking and Dave with his eyes closed - a picture of LIFE!
He requested an auger picture and it is pretty nice, too!
David sure looks up to his sister, Mary!  She is a wonderful role model for him, too!
David has joined his cousin, Therese, who was 8 in March!  They are very close and have enjoyed growing up together.  The times they can be together to share time are very special.
The cows and calves showed up and a hug from Luke and a snuggle from Fudgy.

Jesus, bless our David on his birthday and thank you for his light in our world.  Jesus, and Mary Our Lady of Mount Carmel pray for us.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
Middle child for sure!

A great article about a growing Carmelite order!
But at the Monastery of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel here — far removed from the hustle and bustle of the world — things are much different. Here fingertips are used to pray the rosary, rather than send a text message. Behind its closed walls, Discalced Carmelite sisters, a contemplative religious order, spend their day praying for all in the Church and the world." 
Deacon Greg Kandra
What would our world be like without their many prayers?

Had to have a tractor picture!
Some with my camera, too!
Luke looking...
Love from the clouds on down!
Sharing the day!

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