Saturday, July 2, 2016

Family time with parents and sister, and then daughter and grandchildren.. generations like waves washing over the shore

Walking up from saying goodbye to the beach... my dad suggested that we do a selfie - My dad, my sister, Paula and I.  It has been a emotion packed few days of traveling with my parents up to their former home and our vacation home in Manistique, Michigan! 
On my trip up to my parent's home - a 4 hour trip I was able to pray all 10 decades of my rosary and also my chaplet of Divine Mercy along with a sprinkling of Christian music to keep me awake and focused on the road.  One of the decades of my chaplet is devoted to my sister, Mary, who died on July 3, 1986 from cancer leaving behind her dairy farmer husband and their 20 month old daughter.    It seems that I am always up in our beloved Michigan for this anniversary, and she is with me in a special way here.  Noticing the shamrock plant probably as old as the 30 years since Mary has been gone at my mother's home added to the closeness to her.
Why shamrocks and Mary?  Her birthday is St Patrick's Day!
Everywhere my mother lives... she has a beautiful garden.  I say that she has a green thumb as does my daughter, Ruth and that is skipped a generation with me.
Her beautiful flowers reflect her inner beauty and devotion to her garden. 
A rosary to start our journey then 7 hours of visiting for the time to fly by!
The wonderful sugar sand beach!
The view from the deck is so beloved to me.  So sad to think this might be my last time here!
Hearing about my dad's life during the depression.  His family took their hand at farming to make it through.  Also discovered that his full blooded Swedish mother is actually Finnish!  Looking out at the lake and listening to the sound of the waves all around us!
Sunset on the Big Lake through the trees.
Cleaning and organizing and packing up personal stuff... "Can I keep Mary's graduation picture for her anniversary of her death tomorrow?"  We found this etching of "The Farm" in our cleaning and feel it could be Mary's, so it just adds to my small shrine to honor this special sister, who has been gone for 30 years!  She was 28 and would be 58 today.

Tomorrow after mass I will go to the grotto to Our Lady and send some special prayers her way!
How many times over the past 18 years have I seen my dad sitting in this chair in his apartment at the lake?  How I have missed this for the last 5 years since moving to Wisconsin!  These two days have been a gift!
Out to see the sandy beach and maybe one last look.
Many years spent living on the Big Lake, and now content to live in Wisconsin.  "We have each other so we are happy wherever we live."  This place had the intention of bringing our family together, and it has been successful for these last 18 years, but now it is on the market and so we will need to make a bigger effort to find family time with parents, siblings and their families and our own families.  Sharing family time is a gift and The BEST!
How we celebrate the SAND that has come in the last year!
The cabin in the trees, and dad who did so much work to keep it as wonderful as it is, and wonderful sugar sand!
A selfie with the water behind us... the Big Lake is in our blood!
Thanks mom and dad for all your hard work and love of family... your vision of this retirement/vacation home for you and your family was a blessing to your 10 kids!  So many wonderful times shared here.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barb
My veteran dad with the flag blowing with the backdrop of spectacular beauty... God Bless our Country! 

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