Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Grandparents love from heaven!

Nancy has given me permission to use her great pictures when they are on her family blog, so she was my photographer today while they went to a children's farm near by their home in Kansas City.  It looks like Josie slept through it all, but will be remembered in the picture of the 4.  Things sure look lush and green there, too!

Tractor climbing is always part of farm life...

One animal we have never had is goats, except for a visit from a neighbor goat for a farm trip one time.  Nancy revealed her love for them and shared that they will own goats someday!  Dominic looks like he is ignoring this one or not aware that he is being followed.

With this being the feast day of the earthly grandparents of Jesus, the parents of Mary - Joachim and Ann - I am pondering the beautiful power of grandparents watching out for us from heaven and their great joy at the children of their children.  For their Mary to be the chosen vessel to bring God into the world... it doesn't get any more wonderful than that!

Gus with the goats that are in his future!

These thoughts of our grandparents, who go before us, carried over to my sister, Mary, who died 30 years ago from cancer leaving her dairy farmer husband and 20 month old daughter.  Well, her daughter just announced that she will be having a little girl in December!  I am thinking of the joy in heaven as my sister, Mary the Mother of God and our Spiritual Mother, and Joachim and Ann, and all the angels are Saints are rejoicing with each new life!  It was a mindset that really took me out of the "gloom of my heart" into the clouds of the beautiful heavens above the worries and burdens of this world!  This words at the end of our morning prayer/office shared with John really led me out of the distracting worries I had for this day... "let the radiance of your love scatter the gloom of our hearts.  The light of heaven's love has restored us to life: free us from the desires to belong to darkness."

Goats do not have a shy bone in their bodies, and they are very curious.

Why the burden of gloom today?  There is much pressing on me to accomplish and a lot of it involves dealing with on line stuff that tends to make me overwhelmed and unsure.  I am just accomplishing small things that I have been putting off one baby step at a time today. It is also the interruptions and unexpected changes in plans that disrupt my thoughts and plans.  That's life as they say!

Thanks, Nancy, for sharing great pictures of the grandkids 7 hours away!

We are heading their way in a week and a half with John, who is to be the Godfather of Josephine.  Her Baptism will happen a week from Sunday!  I take my role as Godparent more and more seriously for my 5... the days of presents has turned into praying for them - I have a special decade of the rosary that I try to pray each day for them - The Baptism of Jesus/the first Luminous mystery as I was at their baptisms and pledged to pray for them and help them on their journey of faith!

Loving the goats!

Lord, today in the Gospel you remind us with strong words that we are to open our lives to be fertile ground to good seed!  We are to be open to life and raise LIGHTS for this world of darkness.  This requires that we share our faith with JOY, and not allow the gloom of our hearts to keep us apart from your light and love and life!  May we cast our burdens upon you and allow your Truth to set us free.  What is that Truth, and where do we find it?  In your Word and Sacraments and ALL that your Bride, The Church, holds out to us. May we make progress this day by doing small things with great love!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

How do you get all looking at the same time?  It's hard but I have found that if I make crazy monkey noises it could work?!?

Bernadette has something going on in her head that looks a bit devious... Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

Nancy must have been making some animal noises at this point... just kidding, kind of.

I pray for my grandparents this day, too!
http://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/pope-condemns-absurd-violence-after-priest-is-killed-in-french-church-55847/  Such sad news at the martyrdom of this elderly priest killed during mass in France!  Lord, help our world!

Praying for all the youth - the future of The Church that are called to bring LIGHT Into the darkness of sin and the culture of death.  Lord, may your seeds planted find fertile rich soil and bear 100 fold!
Dr Dobson addresses Trump for president...  I will listen to him!
Danielle Rose -   Small things with great love

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