Monday, July 4, 2016

"I will draw her into the desert and speak to her heart." Hosea

Happy 4th from the Big Lake - such a gloriously beautiful day as we await the arrival of Maria and family to share our week in paradise.  Spending the morning in our new deep beach of sugar sand watercoloring with the kids while some swimming in inner tubes and burying in the sand.  Grandma just came to town and bought out the sand toys at Shop Ko!  Next using the internet in town.
A new flag brought me into town yesterday to buy a flag for my dad's flagpole on the 4th of July.  The small breeze was just perfect for our pictures and our recalling the greatness our country is and how we need to stand up for the Truth to keep it that way!
Yes, the cold Big Lake is not that much different from our spring fed swimming hole at the farm.

The readings today were worth a trip to town to share from the rooftops or from a booth in Hardees - two days in a row I bought nothing and just sit here for about an hour and blog.  The words from Hosea ring a chord with me in this place away from it all - TV, yes internet, and even no phone service for the most part.  I sit on the deck or the beach and just drink in the beauty and I realize that it goes very deep with me.  I grew up spending my childhood summers on the Big Lake, and now my grandchildren have grown up coming here.  My own kids didn't, hence they do not seem to have the same deep love for this place - as we say it has gotten into our blood like part of our DNA. 
More sparklers for tonight with Maria and her kids!

This place definitely speaks to my heart and it is hard to know that it could be our last summer here!  Part of the reason that I take way too many pictures and try to capture it all!  For the woman in the Gospel today - that one that was hemorrhaging for 12 years - Jesus had spoken to her in her desert place of the silence of her struggle and she knew that she would be healed if only she touched the tassel of his garment!  The "gracious and merciful" Lord "espoused us in fidelity" despite our infidelity, when all seems lost.  Christ comes to us and gives us back our life.
I meet my Jesus in the desert... with all the sand this year this seems especially true.

How's this sandangel!
Jesus, we love you and long to get all the distractions out of the way so that we can recognize you and how much you love us and will heal us if only we have the Faith to recognize your presence all around us.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
One of those suntan commercials.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
David and his name in the sand.
The boardwalk at the public beach goes right down to the water now...

The dunes!

Did I say there is SAND?!
Our art project today

Burying Luke
Rainbow and hearts boy - his love inside comes out in pictures!

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