Friday, July 22, 2016

"Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her." The Feast of St Mary Magdalene

Isn't this picture just cooling you off as you look at it?  Rose, Mary and I sat with our feet in the Big Lake a few weeks back on a wavy day and all proceeded to get totally cooled off and wet!  With the heat and humidity hitting with a vengeance these days... how I long to be cooling myself on the shores of Lake Michigan! 

I just finished a tardy birthday card for my mom as I will be seeing her tomorrow.  I look first at the Psalm 87 for her 87th year and that did not have any material, so then I went to the readings on her birthday - Sunday the 17th.  It was especially wonderful to read the Gospel of Martha and Mary (my parents named two of their daughters... one Martha/Marty and one Mary/died 30 years ago from cancer).  I am here with my Mother-in-law, who will be 97 this October and we were just talking about how in these later years you do a lot of praying at the feet of Jesus because there is not much else you can do for yourself.  It also happens to be the wonderful Feast of St Mary Magdalene and she not only sat at the feet of Jesus and stood at the foot of his cross, but she also washed his feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair!
Another cooling pic for this super hot and miserable day.  I am thinking about the family out picking up bales today, and Pat mowing and baling.  Lord, protect all those out in the weather today.

When considering these words from the Gospel on Sunday with not only my two mothers in mind and heart in the truth that as we age we are given the better part of sitting at his feet more and more, but most of all St Mary Magdalene and all the amazing snapshots we have of her healing, devotion and great love for her Jesus... we see that Mary has chosen the better part - some good and some very difficult like watching him die at the foot of the Cross, and it will not be taken from her.
Another wonderful "cool and refreshing" picture for this hot day... Augustine in the pool, where they live most of their days in hot HOT HOT Kansas City!  Baby it's HOT outside. "These days it's either AC in the basement or fully submerged in the pool. Kansas, you're killing me."  Nancy

Pondering both the Gospel from Sunday and the feast celebrated today... I have heard it shared that not only was Mary healed of 7 demons, and at the foot of the cross and also outside the tomb to first encounter the risen Christ, but she also sat at his feet and washed them with her tears and wiped them with her hair!  Her sinful and sick state certainly could have brought forth her love and devotion in this way regardless!  She not only sat at his feet to learn and listen and take in the Truth that will set you free which he shared and taught, but she also ministered to his needs in a most personal and heartfelt and humble way... showing in her actions the adoration and love she bore for this man, who healed her and forgave all her sins and drove out the evil spirits that had come to dwell in her spirit!  We have all been healed and forgiven by Jesus and we all should have that deep  love and devotion to him!

  Luke and Rose loved to get the cool lake water in their buckets and pour it on our sunburned feet... Cool and refreshing thoughts on this hot miserable day!

How can we not only sit at the feet of Jesus and pray and listen to his Truths and teachings as well as show our LOVE in a radical way?   He teaches us if we take the time to read over the readings of each day - not once but at least start the night before and then repeat on rising to face the day.  Ask Him to show you the ways he wants to speak to you and hold that close to your heart.  Find Jesus there for you in the Sacraments - Eucharist, Reconciliation, Matrimony or Religious orders to name a few.  Why do I add Matrimony?  I feel that just as Eucharist can be offered to us daily if we are able to partake, but also we are given the graces to be a good spouse through the grace of our sacrament each day, if only we will ask and receive it!  If we can die to self and allow the Lord to minister to us the graces we need through The Holy Spirit we can radically serve those closest to us without counting the cost!
From Ruth's beautiful camera ... Cool!

The Gospel today is filled with so much!  It is Mary outside the tomb on Easter, and how she is anxious and seeking and Jesus answers her pleas and fills her with peace and a mission to share The Truth!  I love these words describing her and Jesus by Pope Benedict XVI.. Every Christian relives the experience of Mary Magdalene.  It involves an encounter which changes our lives with the encounter with a unique Man who lets us experience all God's goodness and Truth, who frees us from evil not in a superficial and fleeting way, but sets us radically free, heals us completely, and restores our dignity.
Cooling off in my mind...

Jesus, we are eternally grateful for all you have done to heal and help us as we stumble down the narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross and following your example of giving our all!  May we find time this day to sit at your feet and learn from you, taking our needs and Love for you to prayer with your Mother, who intercedes for us.. taking our needs to you and we join her in praise and adoration for your gift at the foot of the Cross/our salvation!  May we give our all and not count the cost due to the LOVE/LIFE/LIGHT we have been blessed with through your Cross!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Painting with the grandkids on the beach with our toes in the water... the ultimate of cool, joy, peace, my happy place!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Luke's second year of watercoloring with grandma!
While I work on my watercolor... Ruth spends her time stitching these intricate designs of parts of the Nativity... she does 7 of each one - one for each of her kids and Godchildren!  So much work and time and devotion filled with love!  One St Joseph done and on to the next!
Luke in the white chair with the sand and the beach and the sun!
One of my watercolors capturing what could be my last time at the cabin with Ruth and her 5... the cabin is up for sale and all could change after almost 20 years of family time on the Big Lake!

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#SaintoftheDay St. Mary Magdalen (1st c.) was a friend and devoted follower of Jesus Christ, out of whom He exorcised seven demons. Mary Magdalene has a special place among Jesus’ disciples and is mentioned several times in the Gospels. It is believed that she is the same penitent woman, Mary of Bethany, who anointed the feet of Jesus before his Passion. She stood at the foot of the Cross with the... Blessed Mother, and the next morning went to Christ's tomb in order to anoint his body. As a reward for her great love and faithfulness, she is the first recorded witness of Jesus' Resurrection. It was Mary Magdalene who informed the twelve Apostles that Jesus had risen from the dead; for this she is called “Apostle to the Apostles.” After Jesus’ Ascension into heaven, Mary Magdalene continued her mission as an evangelist, contemplative, and mystic in the heart of the Church. There are two traditions as to where she settled. According to the Greek tradition she went to Ephesus with the Virgin Mary and died there. According to French tradition she, along with her siblings Martha and Lazarus, were exiled from Israel and shipped out to sea, landing in Marseilles, France. Mary Magdalene evangelized and converted the entire Provence region, and lived in a cave doing penance for thirty years until her death. Mary Magdalene is the patron of women, repentant sinners, penitent women, reformed prostitutes, contemplatives, converts, pharmacists, perfumers, hairstylists, and against sexual temptation. Her #feastday is July 22nd. #MorningOffering See More

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