Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mary's day - 14th Sunday that is anything but ordinary!

Yes, this is our beach!  We are in Michigan heaven with sand that makes a slipping sound when you drag your feet through it!

Shortly after Ruth arrived last evening we had to go down and be amazed at the "slippery sand" on our beach!  Today in the warm sun there is much playing with trucks and sand and water and we only have to walk out the door and down the path to the beach! 
Dave is a year older and taller than last year, but easily assumes the trucking stance through the sand.
I am missing my time on the beach with this sharing as I had to come into town and use the internet at Hardees, so this will be short.
Now a small fairy has landed in the sand... it is so soft and so deep and how did this happen?  We are witnessing the miracles of Mother Nature!
Walking into the sunset on our beach!
After mass we walked across the street to a special grotto devoted to Our Lady of The Immaculate Heart - my parents helped make this happen while they lived here for about 12 years.  This day was a very special day as it is the anniversary of my sister Mary's passing 30 years ago.  How special to have my granddaughter, Mary, here to bring her to her namesake.  All the wonderful Marys in my life and there are many more than this, but to have these 3 together was great for me! 
Wild flowers grow everywhere here, and always adorn our remembering my Mary!  It seems that my weeks in Michigan are always over her anniversary, and it is so appropriate for me to remember her here.  I explained to my grandkids that Mary never came to this cabin here.  But as we were growing up we had a cabin in the lower peninsula on Grand Traverse Bay, and that Mary loved Michigan and the Big Lake!  "Mary and I would walk down the beach and go fossil hunting and talk about life just like we do here.  She loved Michigan and The Big Lake!"
Mary certainly would appreciate the wild flowers and prayers!
So special to pray together for her eternal soul and feel the assurance and peace flow all around us!  Today two of my daughters are especially thinking about her and praying for her as she is their Godmother forever in heaven - Nancy and Susan/Hallel are called to pray for their Godmother and know of her prayers for them from heaven.
It is so special to be here and have her in my heart more today... although there are not many days that go by that I do not think of her. 

In mass today Father spoke about overcoming our fear of carrying the Gospel forth with us.  It brought Hallel ever close to me and how much I have learned from her years with The Community of the Lamb in "chewing" on the Gospel starting the night before and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to us and guide and direct us!  LOVE Jesus in His Word and He will change our lives and minister to all those around us most especially those in our domestic Church/family!
Placing some wild flowers in Our Lady's hand as a prayer lifting to heaven for our dearly departed wonderful Mary!

Jesus, how we long to share you far and wide!  Thank you for our yearning for our lives to go on forever in heaven with you, your wonderful Mother, and all the Saints and Angels! Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
 Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Always look to her, Luke!
Great Uncle Bill checking over the tires... Luke was impressed!
Simon in the sky swing.
Ruth planting the planters with end of the season plants.
Simon found my dad's paver - Deacon Robert and Nancy Cross
Michigan and Marys is the Best!

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