Sunday, July 10, 2016

MERCY - Myriads Eternally Representing Christ Your (Good Samaritan)

Luke spending time with great-grandma and great Aunt Joyce after mass this rainy morning.  Once again we are thanking the Good Lord for another wonderful inch+ of rain right when the corn is tassling - "It could not be more prefect!" said farmer Pat. 
The 5 with their dad picking up the branches after the storm!

The yard cleaners pose with mom and great-grandma after mass and zucchini bread shared for breakfast.
Sharing the readings and the Eucharist is a blessed time we are allowed to share with Pat's mom each Sunday.

Being away from the TV and internet for the week - we were sobered by the turmoil in our country we returned to!  So much the Gospel for today of the Good Samaritan calls out to us.  The final line of Christ to us speaks volumes - "The neighbor was the one who treated him with MERCY."  "Go and do likewise."  Luke 10:37  With the other readings reminding us of how we are to love the Lord with all our hearts and our neighbor as ourselves - the Word MERCY just begged to be made into an anagram!  Myriads ( countless or extremely large number) Eternally Representing Christ Your (Good Samaritan).  Can you imagine the world if countless of us would show MERCY?  If we were Christ The Good Samaritan to all those we encountered hurt and broken and stripped - each of us time to time find ourselves in this place - the world would change for the better!
Mary prays for her Great-grandma Ann each and every day!

Why is it in this year of MERCY does it seem that there is none to be found anywhere in this messed up world?   Yet, in The Church we are filled with the Truth that the Mercy we have been shown by our Savior is to be returned to all those we encounter!
Now Luke spending some time with my dad a couple days ago.  I realized that they only see my folks now at CCC - Cross Christmas Camp - and Luke has never been to their home!  It was a landmark occasion to see my grandkids there!  They are very lucky to have great-grandparents on both sides yet!
Of course some piano playing!

So it a heartfelt prayer for countless to become Christ to others in this messed up world we live in.  The first place this should happen is in our domestic Churches/our homes!  That can sometimes be the most challenging place to show mercy as we are less patient and loving towards those we love and are the closest to!  Lord, may this change and give us the graces we need to return the Mercy we have been shown!  My mother-in-law was just sharing how we are all called to sacrifice in whatever path we are on.  Marriage is definitely a challenge a lot of the time, and even for Hallel as a nun she has been called to sacrifice her having a family of her own and time spent with us her earthly family!
Since it is a rarity to spend one on one time with my folks like this we had to get an official photo with some complaints, but I think it is a dandy keepsake.

Jesus, we are needing to find that ability to represent You in our lives and our families and our world and our jobs and our neighborhoods and our Church and our every moment of our journeys.  If we can find that humble place as we recall how we have been weak and sick and sinful, then we can not pass on the other side when we see others hurt, stripped, and left for dead... we see recall our own pain and suffering and yearn to help the others we encounter hurting and needing our help.  May MERCY reign and forgiveness and caring and giving without counting the cost!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Love those big strong arms hard at work day in and day out!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
First tomatoes!
Ruth and I both had this many green beans in our gardens!
John and I had a long time snapping these!
Tasseling corn and two inches of rain in just a few days = Perfect!

This is sad but true!  How can we overlook the lives lost in abortion - mostly black lives!

Nancy's bunch beating the heat in KC!

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