Sunday, July 17, 2016

My mother's birthday, and 3-7 inches of rain overnight!

I had to withstand well deserved criticism to get this picture, but today on my mother's birthday I am glad that I withstood the tide.  Yes, I have way too many pictures, but I knew this was a moment to record as many of Ruth's kids have never been to my parent's home as it is 4 hours from our farm, and when I come up I bring John or Pat but mostly alone.  I cherish my time with them and should try to make it happen more often.  My parents are always working on ways to bring our family together - CCC (Cross Christmas Camp) and Michigan is two of their huge accomplishments to promote FAMILY, and in a week we will gather with half of my siblings to share a noon meal on the St Croix River with my parents - our Christmas in July present!  When our family is well over 100 now... it is a big job to get us together, so this is a huge keepsake for me!
My mother's beautiful garden a couple weeks ago before we headed for a few days in Michigan together.

We are all amazed to have a sand beach again!

We had quite the rain overnight - 3 inches on our farm, but just 10 miles away our cows in a pasture got 7 inches of rain!  Pat and John are over there checking on them and the fence and the hay that Pat had cut along a river there... probably washed away with flood waters.  This is the pasture in front of the farm with the cows seeming to be beside a lake.  I always wanted to swim or get a flotation device and enjoy the deep waters while they last. They have probably gone down a lot already, though.
David beams at his birthday bash last night before the rains came.  Looking good at 8 surrounded by friends and family.  Ruth worked hard all day cleaning and cooking to be a hostess with the mostess for us all last night.  It seems to echo the Gospel today as well as the first reading from Genesis... how we are called to be both serving and hospitable to all those in our lives, yet to make time to sit at the feet of Jesus! 

Second time around - "God is blessing you now, David!"

While we were sharing Eucharist with Pat's mom this morning... we discussed the differences between the hospitality overboard in the first reading and Jesus's response to Martha in the Gospel..."Well, Jesus is here in the second."  John shared and it seemed to be truth to our ears and hearts.  When Jesus beckons and heals and shares with us in our lives we need to stop and fall on our knees and open our hearts, minds and souls to HIM!  "Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the Word and my soul shall be healed."  We say this just before we go forward to receive his Body and Blood!
Our crops and pastures certainly have enough water to last for a while.  I did hear Pat say that in a week and a half they will be praying for rain again!

Lord, we thank you for watering the earth.  Bless my mother on her birthday today, and give her more good time here with her family.  How glorious it is to sit at the feet of my parents who have devoted themselves to love and serve You and say "yes" without counting the cost to all that you ask of them.  They have welcomed many into our home including 4 other siblings to become our brothers and sisters.  They have modeled for us how we are to love The Church and sit at the feet of Jesus through his Bride, The Church filled with Mary, the Saints and Angels all praising God forever and ever.  How I long for that to be for me, too!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
A calf curious about the new lake...  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

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