Friday, July 15, 2016

The farm is young again!!!

Don't worry this is a posed picture using the 4-wheeler for the cousins to gather a few weeks back.  It just seems to express the bursting with young life that the farm now has with Ruth, Paul, and their 5 kids now living and working on the farm.  They have brought a gusto of life to our farm!
Arriving at the farm this morning for the family job of bringing the cows and calves from the pasture across the road to our pasture by the farm... I was greeted with a familiar scene from our younger family days...  The fair calves getting a bath and a brush.  Mary with her rubber boots and Kateri braids I was lucky to put in last evening was spraying down her calf.
During prayers this morning John spoke so highly of the wonderful girl he considers his niece, Mary.  After they just spent a lot of time together being in the Community play this is a special compliment, and I totally agree that she is a wonderful and sweet and giving young lady.  David's 8th birthday is tomorrow and John was saying that he could do well to look up to his big sister Mary and follow in her example of hard work and not many words of complaint when she is asked to do something.
Rose came with Indian/Kateri braids and Mary let me put her hair in braids, too!  A special way to wrap up the Feast of St Kateri!  I love the cross on the window sill as it just seemed to be fitting to celebrate this feast of following Jesus no matter what and finding peace as we long to be forever in heaven with Jesus, His Mother and all the Saints!
There is no doubt that this young woman, Mary, will also ask Jesus to show you the path he has laid out just for her!  That will truly be the path to True Happiness and the narrow path carrying/dragging her Most Cherished Cross weather that be marriage, single life of religious life!  I know she will consider a call and has already looked to her aunt, Little Sister Hallel and her Community of the Lamb as a possibility for herself!  John just today was praying about how wonderful it is for the kids to have that example and the prayers she surrounds them with!
John loves kittens and this is one of the two left from the ones that Ruth and Mary raised.  He has a white bow tie on his chest..."I have a bow tie."  says John with that soft look that only a purring kitten can give.
Luke taking it all in as he plays in the water by the wash racks.
"Let me comb the calf mom."  and Luke is learning to help and will be chomping at the bit in 4-5 years when he is in cloverbuds and can show like his big brother, David!

Jesus in the Gospel today reminds us that he loves to show us Mercy if only we come to him and lay our burdens at his feet.  He longs to show us the path he has  for us as well as help us to take those two steps forward after we have taken the step back through our weakness and sinfulness.  The dance of life is according to the mercy and love of Jesus for us and his control of our lives if only we will hand that to him and let go and let God!
Luke and then there was Rose wanting to help, too!
"Remember to brush forward, Rose."  Rose is a willing and hard worker...  How wonderful to have step back in time and have Ruth's young family on the farm to learn and grow and breath LIFE into our family farm - now on it's 4th generation in full force.

It is wonderful to have a couple so in love with farming and modeling that for their kids.  It truly does help that both Ruth and Paul grew up on the farm and have it "in their blood."  I can tell when Pat and I say goodbye in the morning before he leaves for the farm.  "Goodbye Honey have a nice day."  we say to each other with a smile and maybe a hug and a kiss, but with my cold sore since Michigan I got it on the tip of my nose today.  It is evident that Pat is more than happy and ready to have the young enthusiastic family there allowing us to see scenes like this day after day... a gift of great price to relive our own young family!
A smile into the bright sun, and a desire to show her first calf in a few years.
Working, learning, spending quality family time, cooling your bare feet in the wash water, listening to dad as he shares his knowledge and of course...
Purring kittens to give you that soft smile of contentment on the farm.

Jesus, we are so grateful to have the joy of youth and excitement and happiness on the farm once again.  It puts a smile on our face and hope in our hearts for the bright and good future for our family farm.  Always looking to you Jesus to show us the path and to realize that you are in control in our lives if only we will pray without ceasing and look to you and ask for your plan for our lives.  The Psalm for today taken from Isaiah 38
Those live whom the Lord protects;
yours is the life of my spirit.
You have given me health and life.
You saved my life, O Lord; I shall not die
Yes, we shall surely live with you forever in Heaven if we can only die to self so that you may live in us.  So that we may become your hands and feet, and most especially in our domestic Church/family return the Mercy we have  been shown by you.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
My two companions while we brought the cows and calves across the road...
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Like I said... cold sore.
Luke with that kitten look I was talking about.  Shortly after he and Rose took the two kittens into the house for some snuggles and purring and playing.  This is called the belly carry.
Luke and Rose each with a kitten and heading to the house... when the other 3 arrived back they were asking about the kittens and followed them inside.  I don't think those kittens have the need to walk on their own 4 paws very often. 
The cows and calves are home for a while...
How I love these and just have to keep using a few each day!

Such a miracle that we managed to all come together on the farm for a week!  Family time is truly The Best! 
Love to have The Virgin next to me each day!
St Bonaventure pray for us!

This is why I constantly am saying domestic church/family and Saint JP II is where this Truth came from and our faith is shared in our family and that is where the world will change one family at a time!

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