Sunday, July 31, 2016

"Think of what is above, not what is on earth." Colossians 3

Ruth left me some wonderful flowers here at my new place.  Along the picturesque red barn is a bank of daisies and black eyed Susans.  The kids stopped by with dad and picked some for their mom, of course grandma had to try to capture it all with such a special setting of the blue sky with white puffy clouds, the red barn, and kids picking flowers for their mom, and the flowers themselves...  a sight that moves the heart with gratitude for all that we have in the simple things of this world. 

The readings today caused us to pause and recall that this world and all in it are passing and we are not to devote our heart and soul and mind totally on gathering wealth or success or stuff or allow the things we want to acquire or accomplish to take importance over our looking to our Faith and love of Jesus and his Bride, The Church!
Flowers for mom...

There is such a busy life with many distractions that pull at us each day on the farm, how can we focus on our faith foremost?  By starting each day with prayer and giving it all to him as he is in control.  The weather is out of our hands and we have learned a big lesson here that we certainly are not in control.  Yes, you have to do the work and care for the land and the crops properly and diligently, but there are a lot that is out of our control.  I have seen many years with special masses just to ask for rain late in the summer, when drought has been looming.  Yes, I have seen million dollar rains, but I have also seen loss due to the lack of rain.  There are many ways that we have been humbled and reminded that we need to die to self and trust. 
The clouds, the ripening corn field which looks to be a bumper crop this year if we continue to have bountiful rains without hail or damaging wind, the barn, the cute girl picking flowers and the flowers - black eyed Susans always remind me of my Hallel/Susan!

After our big move in March - switching places with our daughter and her family - the thought of more things really leaves me cold.  Much was cleaned up and gone through and given away and I truly got in touch with all that I have and acquired over these last 38 years - our anniversary #38 is on Wednesday.  My days of being excited to go to the thrift store to find treasures filled my house up, and now to go there I probably will see my stuff on the shelves.  We moved in here and I really wanted and desired to do nothing to change or improve.  It just overwhelms me and makes me tired to think of going through all that. 
Two bunches of flowers for mom - she will need a big vase!  The beautiful cottonwood tree adds to the picture in this direction.

John made the statement today as we shared prayer and Eucharist with Pat's mom, that he is ready any time to leave this world behind.  I know the feeling in many ways.  There are struggles that come with our lives, and for me the biggest struggle is keeping my eyes focused on him and not allowing the pressures and distractions of this life pulling me off the path or my sins damaging our relationship.
Paul was helping me by pulling some of the weeds out of Ruth's flower bed.   Thanks!

Lord, I love to read and take in your Word each day!  I love to receive your Body and Blood each week!  I love to sit at your feet and place each one in our families in the monstrance with you in prayer each week!  I love that your Saints are always there to model for me how to keep my eyes on heaven and not care about what is on earth.  I love to share prayer with my family and most of all to share our Faith in you and your Bride, The Church!   I love the universal Church with all my heart, mind and soul and to see that Truth shared by millions of youth along with our Holy Father and many priests and religious at WYD including our Little Sister Hallel and her Community of the Lamb!  May your Kingdom come as all go forth to be Christ/The LIGHT in this world of darkness/the culture of death.  Change it into a culture of LIFE!  Jesus, we trust in you. Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke - on my way into Adoration this week!  I prayed and placed all 200+ from our two families in the monstrance with Jesus including two new lives in the womb for the first time!  I feel the excitement build in my heart at the thought of this special hidden place of LOVE eternal! 
Yes, simplify is a good word for today!
Highlights in video form of World Youth Day which just ended in Poland!
About 40 years ago, Poland chanted: "We want God!" I'd say that prayer has been answered! #Krakow2016
Happy Feast day, dad.  Why?  My parents heard and answered the call to convert to Catholic while on an Ignation retreat 45 years ago!
While in Poland for World Youth Day, #PopeFrancis visited Auschwitz and stopped to pray alone in the cell where St. Maximilian Kolbe, Franciscan friar and Polish priest, was starved and killed by the Nazis. #Krakow2016

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