Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Why we must gain that pearl of great price for ourselves first and foremost!

The bean snapping crew involves one with a cutting board and a knife, and one eating every other one, and some getting the seeds out to examine.  Life on the farm is one large learning experience. 

Pat and Rose buckled into the seat next to him putting the bales on the two long piles.  I went into the house to get Pat some cold water out of the refrigerator and had a kitten jump out of the fridge!  Such a life filled adventure happens over there with the young family living on the farm!
All the way to the top of the pyramid...
Now the bottom row again...
Luke waiting his turn to go with grandpa and pick up another load of bales.
"Rose was counting the bales."  Lots to learn on the farm even counting hundreds of bales can give you a math lesson.
John helping with bale pickup and stacking...
These kids are the best eaters!  Grandma made them spaghetti and they dug in!  They are a joy to feed and I wondered if it saddened them to be sitting at their old table eating supper 4 months after our move.  They seemed content with the change and not too nostalgic about leaving this home behind.  The farm is better for the change!
Rose has adopted her brother, Simon's, habit of eating his plain with no sauce.  We do make wonderful spaghetti sauce which we will be making soon...
The tomato crop is huge and our work is cut out of us... thank goodness I have Ruth and her hard working wonderful kids to give me a hand, and yes, Pat and Paul help when they can, too!  John is around this year and he has always wanted to help in the kitchen with the girls on canning days... well, John it looks like your wish might come true this year.
I miss this... these are from Ruth's garden this year which was my former garden.  I had wonderful vines and loads of wonderful squash blossoms, not so much here,  I snapped some of these beauties the other day.

Finally concentrating on the Gospel for today after reading it 3 times already.... John and I just shared morning prayer/office and his take on the Gospel was that it seems like a selfish reading in how we find the pearl of great price and sell our all to obtain it for ourselves.  The Meditation for today by Servant of God Monsignor Giussani (2005) speaking about the Presence of Great Price...
The Presence is the reality that stands before us and, by the power of his Spirit, is in us.  It is permanent in our life, and is so powerful that, in our adherence to it, it makes a new creation possible in us... his life goes on, like a fresh spring, which no limitation of ours can stop.
God's artwork found in our humble farm garden with each new day and then the fruit that it bears to feed us!

We see that to share our faith/the Truth with those around us most especially with those in our domestic Church/family... we must obtain that pearl of great price and place it foremost in our lives which is the fresh spring, which no limitation of ours can stop!  How uplifting and refreshing is that to ponder while I am watching the Holy Father arriving in Krakow on World Youth Day.  Lord, bring LIFE into your Church through the young people selling all for the treasure of great price! 
Lots to do and animals to care for and projects to work on for the fair coming up... and kids get tired!

Lord, yes, we have found your forgiveness and love through the Cross... the Way, the Truth and the LIFE which is a well springing up in us, and we cannot stop it through our sinfulness and smallness and weakness and illness and missteps and steps backwards and selfishness and indulgences... it will not stop!  We long to water the seeds that have been planted and bear much fruit!  May much come of this WYD in the land of my hero, St John Paul II!  St John Paul II, St Faustina, St Maximilian Kolbe, Our Lady, pray for us!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Keeping Luke safe until his turn to ride in the tractor with grandpa Pat.  Being open to LIFE and raising them as LIGHTS for this world of sin and darkness.
Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Some special time with Pat stepping back to our early married years as we say goodbye to an old friend and her family.  Visiting an artisian well - "I would come here and get water for the archery club.  This well has been running continuously for the last 60 years, and cattle would drink here years back." 
The "fresh spring, which no limitation of ours can stop."

Just outside our bedroom door... mom and dad swoop at us when we go out to the clothesline!
The squirrel got away, but the cat had hope in his heart...
So wonderful to have time to pray with the start of the new day...
5 years ago we were in France for Hallel's first vows - today she is in Krakow for World Youth Day!  May many hear his call and respond!

sweet little baby announcement cross stitch pattern
Love this sweet post by my Nancy in the midst of her ocean of wonderful LIFE - 4 with her oldest 5! 
"I stitched up these cute little baby feet for my younger sister who is expecting her fifth child this fall.  She told us the name, Evangeline, and we are all over the moon excited that it’s a girl, since her last three have been boys.
But, we’d be excited anyway.  Even though it’s her fifth.  Even though babies aren’t anything new for us or for her, it’s still very very exciting.
When Josie arrived this spring, even though she was our fourth, even though I had been through this three times before, it all felt new with her, new in every since way.  It felt just as scary and thrilling and strange and so deeply sweet.  A lot of these feelings I recalled feeling with my other babies, but even still I was swept away by them once more."  Nancy

Nancy's sweet kids on a children's farm trip to other day by KC!
Another one of grandma and the bean crew making short work of a pile of beans!
Pursue me - Danielle Rose

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