Wednesday, August 3, 2016

38 years - A day spent with Family

I came across this picture lately of Pat and I taken 5 years ago in France for our daughter's first vows as a nun.  Being in the midst of such a powerful and hard week with all the international travel, having his 91 year old mother along, and the rustic lives of the Community... our eyes are like windows into our souls laid bare as we observed 5 young women taking their habits and changing their names the night before Hallel's vows.  Pat had just been wiping tears to see the transformation as he was unable to come with John and I two years earlier when we suddenly jumped on a plane and came for Susan to come forth transformed into a nun by the name of Little Sister Hallel!  We were in the midst of fighting brain cancer with John, and here we had our daughter also coming to Jesus as his bride! 

Today marks our 38th anniversary!  John was quizzing me about this day, and I am rusty on some of the details, but I do know that we were married on a Thursday afternoon, and had a small cake reception at my parents' home. Then we had one here in Garvin Park the next day.  Yes, we were married in The Basilica of St Mary in Minneapolis, my parish as a new convert to Catholicism,  I am a city girl come to the farm!

Today we will be with Pat's mother and siblings as we bid farewell to her only other sibling, Maurice.  She is now the lone one of 10, and on hospice herself for the last year and a half.  It seems kind of interesting to be at a large family gathering on our anniversary, but it will be time spent with Pat and family, so that is appreciated in the midst of this busy day with prep to leave on some time away with out two girls, Nancy and Maria.  Nancy's daughter, Josephine, is to be baptized on Sunday and so we are to have a reason to leave.  It is always hard to get Pat away... the process is hard, but once he leaves the peace and joy come along!

Jesus, thank you for this life filled with so much hard and wonderful!  The wonderful would be dull if all was good and happy.  Without the struggles life would be dull and uninteresting and boring.  The hard make the good so good!  Help me to be a better wife - more giving and loving and forgiving.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Bless-bless, Barb

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing your life. I enjoy your blog so much. We have been so blessed to have such faith-filled parents and grandparents. I think God must expect much of us to have blessed us so. You do such a wonderful job of bringing others closer to God. I need to get cracking! Thanks for sharing too about Mr. Louwagie. I share adoration with one of his daughters, Liz Walterman. She also is filled with God's light!