Saturday, August 13, 2016

"Children were brought to Jesus..." Matthew 19

Fair lover/board chairman, Pat, with his Rose Ida before the pig show yesterday. 

The first words of the Gospel spell out our entire ministry in Faith/Family/Farm - be open to LIFE and raise LIGHTS.  In order to raise LIGHTS we need to bring our children to Jesus.  How do we do that by sharing our Faith wholeheartedly and with JOY!
  A mega smile from Luke before the pig show yesterday. I am sitting in the open class building... able to sit down for the first time all day.  It has been a morning of cleaning in prep for Nancy and family to arrive in time for the last day of the fair.   The fair goes deep for our family for at least 3 generations now.  Pat showed in 4H, then our kids and now Ruth and Paul's 5.  It will so fun to have Nancy here for the fair!

Paul giving Cloverbud, David, some pointers in showing pigs .

Some people walking through the barn just now were talking about how well behaved Ruth and Paul's kids are at mass each week.  Yes, they are relaxed and at home at mass as they have come every week from birth.  It is the high point of the week... the family sharing mass in our beautiful Church with Jesus there on the altar as we come forward and bow and receive Jesus into our lives, hearts, souls, minds, lives, domestic Church/family, each moment of our lives!
My view of the open class building on this warm Saturday at the fair!

Here are the words of the Gospel to take in and savor - Christ in The Word of God.
Children were brought to Jesus that he might lay his hands on them and pray.... Jesus said, "Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  After he placed his hands on them, he went away.  Matthew 19:13-15
I am pondering what happens when Jesus goes away... just sharing with some friends here at the fair, how Hallel happened to run into the Timmermans in Poland.  There was an amazing Holy Spirit moment when they ran into each other when we are talking 2 million pilgrims and Hallel was not even supposed to be there that day.  "It was the Holy Spirit for sure!"  How often do we have that encounter with Jesus/The Holy Spirit/the times that Jesus places his hands on us, and then we carry that deeply powerful witness of his care and undying unconditional LOVE for us always as we go forward, and we share Jesus with all those we come in contact with!
A lot of hard work by many people!

How I cling to the Truth that the weak and the little, childlike ones are open to Jesus and his touch on them.  The little, the weak, the insufficient ones of the earth are here to show human beings the way to eternal mercy...  Therefore the weak and the little ones of the earth not only possess the Kingdom of heaven,  as the Gospel tells, but they proclaim it by opening the way to it...  the woman should win salvation by the bearing of children, find their completion in the blessing pronounced upon the merciful.  If a ray from the happiness and the dignity of Mary's Motherhood rests upon every maternal woman, a radiance also descends from the crown of the Mother of Mercy.
Baroness Gertrude von Le Fort (1971)
So much here that speaks to me... love it!

Sweet humble Mary with her smiling pig and gentle smile on her face...  She was so excited to call me and tell me that she had won Champion Junior Showman.  Seeing how calm and cheerful she is in the ring, it was a good fit.  She also got reserve champion for pen of 3 pigs!  Lots of trophies and big ribbons!

Jesus, how we attempt to bring the children to you...  there are many distractions and obstacles that get in our way.  Sometimes we are just to tired to take the time to gather the family in prayer each night.  How happy I am to know that my girls and husbands pray with their kids each night and at meals, they also attend mass together  and embrace the sacraments we are given to help us along the narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross!  The Saints were huge for us to share at family prayer time as we read from a book of saints.  They taught us that we can persevere no matter what comes at us.  How I love to have the saints with me each day of this journey.  Tomorrow on daughter, Maria's birthday we have the amazing St Maximilian Kolbe!  So excited and blessed!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Mary with Pinky now... Aren't they cute?   Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
St. Maximilian Kolbe: Martyr of Charity
Pride - lets all get off of our high horse before we take a huge tumble!

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