Monday, August 1, 2016

Chore time is famliy time - "all ate and were satisfied." Matthew 14

So fun to be over at Ruth and Paul's as the sun was setting... Chore time for all the family!  The pigs were walked and fed in prep for the fair coming up next week!  Last year they would get out of their pen and walk up along the fence and around to the statue of Mary and back.  Now of the farm they walk out and around the mono slope barn..  I longer walk and the whole family helps!
First mixing their feed, but they have to walk first before they get to eat!  Notice the audience they have - nothing like the cuteness of pig snouts through the fence.
They started out going forward, but soon they would try to turn back.
Dad would help turn them with the hog panel...truly a family time!

On this feast of St Alphonsus Ligouri it was great to read the Gospel - Matthew's version of Jesus feeding the 5,000 men not counting women and children.  First Jesus was moved with pity for this huge crowd and "cured their sick."  Then he that compassion included feeding them all from 5 loaves and two fish with 12 wicker baskets left over!  How I pondered the huge crowds at WYD approaching 2 million and how they were fed 3 meals a day for a week!  A miracle?  In my mind his tending to all the needs you would encounter on such a scale and the peace and joy you witnessed in this world of violence whenever you turn around.  Yes, I would call it pretty miraculous!
So amazing to find this in my emails along with a short explanation!
"Its a small world. We ran into Sr. Hallel in Krawkow Poland! She wasnt suppose to be
there that day but through God's intervention we were able to meet. "
Lori Timmerman

It certainly shows that the Lord is directing lives and he loves to shower them with special times and encounters and having their needs tended to and healing their hurts and illnesses whether physical, mental or spiritual.  The Holy Spirit allowed this "family" to find each other and share their love for Jesus and His Bride, The Church!  We share that LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Walking into the setting sun!

Yes, there were families together being healed and being fed by Jesus in the Gospel today.  How wonderful to share the miracles and ups and downs of life as a family!  It truly is the tie that binds us - Faith/Family/Farm!
Many years of walking pigs before the fair lie ahead as Luke is only 2 1/2! 

Jesus, we know and love your care for us, the miracles in the ways we see you and encounter you in our families and Community of Faith!  We long to be forever with you and to stay on that narrow path carrying/dragging our Most Cherished Cross and finding LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT.  May our family become more and more your Domestic Church where Faith is shared with JOY and we are open to life and raising LIGHTS for this world of darkness.  May the culture of LIFE reign.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Around the barn as the sun sets.  We did not do pigs with our kids for 4H.  This is new for Ruth, but what Paul grew up with both pigs and beef to show at the fair.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
The beautiful bean field around the farm this year.  Here where we live we have corn on all sides.  The crops are especially beautiful this year.  The beans look like a waving green lake all around.  A lot like when I used to spend the summers on Lake Michigan for the summers... the same kind of feel with the visibility on the prairie!
Lord, show John your path for him... he burns to share how he found faith through brain cancer and fell in love with The Church/Jesus/Our Lady!
With the conventions over with and the blatant disrespect for life in the womb - almost hate of those innocent little lives... this is especially needed in this world and culture of death!  Lord, please protect all life from conception to natural death!
The Word is huge for me these days!  It led Hallel into her Community of the Lamb!
Pursue Me - Danielle Rose
Wonderfully made - Psalm 139 Danielle Rose
Danielle Rose  - Walk on Water
Jeremy Camp - Same Power
Holy Now - Peter Mayer

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