Saturday, August 20, 2016

Divine Providence - surrounded by all her kids!

Such a smile!!!!  A family wedding brought Pat's mom to smile and visit and bring JOY wherever she went!
The entire day seemed directed by the Holy Spirit... arriving just in time to be the center of pictures with her beloved youngest of 10 daughter, Ida, and her namesake granddaughter, Julia Ann!  A glorious face filled with a joyful smile is a cherished keepsake!
Always reaching out to embrace and touch and love the little ones!
Great grandma with candy is here!!!!
Rose holding her hand...
Surprise and JOY!
Mary loves her Grandma Ann and prays for her every day!
The rain held off under a gorgeous silver maple tree, a wonderful service filled with shared Faith and LOVE...
and prayer!!!!
a special gift for the grandparents!
Granddaughter, Jeri with her husband and baby daughter from Seattle = more smiles and touches.
Nothing can replace the family!  I have heard that great healing and love was in the air at this special gathering at Corey and Julia's wedding.  All the prayers said by our great queen to her Queen of Heaven and earth as well as the prayers in her family by many were answered in such a wonderful way!  Thank you, Lord!
John holding his new Goddaughter, Josephine....
The Bride and her precious grandma!
All was so beautiful - a barn made to be a wedding venue seemed appropriate for this farming family!
So beautiful!
A food truck pose... Ruth and Nancy with their 9 kids!
Get the picture?  Stunningly beautiful, and a barn at that!!
Love was in the air!
Mom beaming ear to ear with all 9 of her kids around her.  A Miraculous sight to behold... mostly because she was there and smiling ear to ear! 

Saturdays are devoted to Our Lady and we were able to share a rosary with mom both going to and coming from the wedding!  She sleeps with her rosary and we know of her love for her family and prayers for each of them.  These were answered in a powerful way yesterday.  I give my husband so much credit for making it happen, and we all commented on where the kids get their "determination/stubbornness/can do attitude"... their wonderful mother! 
So blessed to have this woman in our lives.

Jesus, we love you and thank you for the gift of family coming together and healing wounds and sharing love.  May our prayers be always that we may come to forgive and love without counting the cost.  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
I didn't think that I would be there to witness the beauty and the joy and the LOVE, but... the Lord had different plans.  Whenever I know of the Lord's touch through the Holy Spirit... I am in awe and humbled to be so loved by HIM!  Today in the Gospel from Matthew 23, you reminded us, O Lord, The greatest among you must be your servant.  Whoever exalts himself will be humbled; and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.  This last year and a half has been so humbling for our great matriarch, and she took her throne of honor within her family yesterday!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Open to LIFE and raising LIGHTS!
Some shots of the beauty...
On the window sill by the original tie stalls in front of a bar.

Waiting for the family picture... we filled up the room...
Mary's family - we filled up the room behind her - all those related to this great lady!  So much LIFE fills the world and LOVE!
I had to smile when I saw this... no where else am I "Barbie" but in the Verly clan, and I cherish that!

today is the feast of St Bernard - "Mary's faithful chaplain"  Pray for us and with us to Our Lady!  So amazing to share 2 rosaries on our travels yesterday and see His hand on the family time together!

Oh yes!

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