Saturday, August 27, 2016

Foolish of the world - I long to be!

Rose watching the gate while grandpa feeds the orphans their feed.  Barefoot and comfortable with helping outside at 4 is a great accomplishment and says so much about how the new young family is embracing with enthusiasm their farm life!  It is a life with constant work at keeping the world fed with crops and livestock, and this young family is up to the task.

St Paul continues today in I Corinthians still in the first chapter... how he jumps in with both feet and no pussy footing around!   The word "foolish" I find a bit harder to take than weak or humble or lowly, but then I think about how jarred I am by some of the things the world puts out there as gospel and I long to continue to be "foolish."  What would be an example?  An article brought to my attention about parents making a young couple a nice meal and then sending them off to have good and safe sex in their home... teaching them how to enjoy and have safe sex.  What next?  Nothing is sacred any more and I long to be the foolish one to believe that there is a moral line that cannot be crossed!
Grandpa sure loves his helpers on a wonderful evening on the farm.

According to the world's standards I am foolish to believe that the cross is something to embrace and cherish in my life.  I am filled with the Truth each day and much of it is a reminder that I am weak and lowly and am asked to be humble in the face of all that comes my way.  I am asked to be foolish in the eyes of the world and how I long to be just that!  It is a challenge to hold off all the bad influences which grey our outlook on good and evil.  Black and white - not gray!  All the feel good stuff the world throws our way to dim our vision of right and wrong!
Luke is so strong for his age and loves to share his 2 1/2 year old thoughts, which are a delight!

When he shows his muscles, which he loves to do often, he holds out his elbows to impress us!
Luke with his adorable muscles!

Lord, how I long to be as foolish as I can be when it comes to the lies of this world!  I long to hold onto the Truth and strive to always have you foremost in my life and yearning to be forever in heaven with you.  Jesus, I trust in you.  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
I have been struggling with the internet all day, so I have lost a lot of this and want to get it published before it is down again! 
Unexpected wonderful sweet corn on the porch for supper.
Luke and Rose taking the cobs to the chickens - Family time is the Best!

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