Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Giving us a hand as we sink...

I apologize to the other 3 in this picture, as I cannot name them, but I had a great wonderful surprise looking at pictures put on by St Thomas Office of Spirituality yesterday... there was my daughter, Little Sister Hallel, smiling at me from WYD!  Yes, Susan/Hallel is a former Catholic Studies graduate from St Thomas, and Bishop Cozzens was a priest friend of hers while she studied in Rome and throughout her schooling and call.  He was shown in the other picture they shared and was also there at WYD in Krakow, Poland!  I imagine these girls are Catholic Studies students also.

It is such a Joy to see my girl as we have not gotten a real hug since a year ago Easter in Kansas City at the Lumen Christi/Light of Christ Monastery.  I recently had a picture she sent along with one of her rare notes, because they accidentally made too many copies of the picture.  Otherwise it is kind of a sinking feeling in how little we see her, so a picture here and there of her glowing smiling face is a huge hand out to lift us up!  Yes, she reminds us of the sacrifice both she and us make with her call to be a Little Sister of the Lamb stationed in Rome for two years, Marseilles, France before that, and Saint Pierre, France before that.  She is on the road today - driving 3 days back to their home base at Saint Pierre, France for a few months.  "I will be in St Pierre with the whole community until mid-September and after that... God only knows."  Hallel wrote this in a small note sent with that picture I mentioned.  How we pray that she could come to live in the one house in the U.S.  - Lumen Christi!

When I showed John the picture I came across of Hallel with some St Thomas students - he gazed at it a long time!  How he loves his Susan!  Their two journeys are so tied together, as we surprised her in August of 2009 in flying to France in just 24 hours notice to attend her taking her habit and changing her name from Susan to Little Sister Hallel!  "Every time someone says my name they are giving God the highest praise!"  Want to know more?  Read Psalms 145-150 they are the Hallel Psalms!

The transformation brought a river of tears and so much JOY!  Yes, the two can come together!  Talk about smiles from the heart!

Helping her brother walk - much like Jesus taking the hand of St Peter today and helping him back to the boat in the midst of the storm called brain cancer!

One last one to give me a lift today!
Luke in two different rubber boots and no pants... He had to show me his rocks in water in his wagon.  Life is truly an adventure for Luke on the farm!

I think it is pretty obvious that the Gospel today is from Matthew 14 - Jesus walking on the water, St Peter tries it, gets scared, sinks, "Lord. save me!", Jesus reaches out and caught him, together holding hands they walked to the boat and got in!  This is one reading that I can really put myself in the situation, and FEEL it!  Why?  I am not really a risk taker, yet I do feel overwhelmed quite regularly by what is asked of me probably more than what I want to try on my own.  St Peter was much more of a passionate and excited follower of Christ in these early days and I probably was more so in my early days as a new Catholic, too!  I was considering a call to religious life, and that door closed, I was in nursing school and accomplished that... then I only wanted to work at Hennepin County Hospital/General Hospital, where I had fallen in love with nursing while working as a lab charter/nursing assistant.  I had to work 6 months in Little Sisters of the Poor nursing home first before I could work there as they required experience first.  A lot was going on in those days for me, and I did ask to step out of that boat in the storms and walk on water with my Jesus bravely and then at times I was overwhelmed and he would take me by the hand and pull me up!
Rubber boots can run fast!  So fun to see all the LIFE that is now on the farm!

Pat and I will be celebrating 38 years of marriage tomorrow.  Looking at my early days as a young enthusiastic Catholic asking the Lord to show me the way, and daring to walk on water to Him, I see that my life still has those times of daring to share my Faith and trust, but it seems that those times come to me rather than I ask for the Lord to call me out.  It seems that I am called to trust and climb out of the boat onto the stormy seas.  Yes, I will limpinly and with fear and maybe angst in my heart do it, and maybe I will start to sink right away and call out for him to help me... He is always there to reach out and get me to the boat, and yes he reminds me that I have such little faith, "why did you doubt?"  I am thinking of John's brain cancer battle, which still is in progress with the new John and continuing to ask for direction and the path to be revealed.
Walking the pigs at sunset.

I am wanting to be more filled with Faith and willing to take the risk in Faith of putting myself out there to give my all and accomplish more than I think I can!  Lord, give me the Faith and energy and the courage to die more to self so that you can live and use my hands and feet to be YOU in this world! Jesus, I trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah
Susan back from France to support John 7 years ago!  How I love to picture our family all together in my heart!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke
Another time we were called to step out of the boat and trust - grandson Patrick!
Taking his mom's hand...
How did this horror ever happen?

Danielle Rose - Walk on water
Casting Crowns - If we are the Body

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