Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"If it dies , it produces much fruit...preserve life for eternal LIFE." John 12

Many cameras were snapping this picture of the girls with their kids in front of my little red barn.  I was taking all the pictures so it seems that Maria's camera caught Luke turned around and not the back of his head as mine did.  When Maria shared this on her blog... It was a wonderful gift!  I guess that Dominic was burrowed into mom's shoulder...   With 13, I guess you can't have perfection, and we just call it a picture of LIFE!

The Feast of St Lawrence today with special readings speaking to us about how we are to "sow bountifully in order to reap bountifully."  I had much bigger ideas for myself in this area as my doctor will never forget that when I came in pregnant with my first, I told him that I wanted to have 12 kids!  The Lord had his own plan for me, and now I have 7 in heaven and 5 here with me.  I guess I need a lot of prayers, as they are now joined by 3 grandchildren in heaven, too!  Those years were hard and filled with disappointment, yet I loved my "nest years" too!  I call them the best and the worst years of my life/marriage, but as I go forward down the narrow path carrying/dragging my Most Cherished Cross I find that all the way are the best and the other words, the Cross and then through the Cross finding LIFE/LOVE/LIGHT!

How fun to find this picture today!  I am sitting at the County Fair in the Open Class building as the Fair starts today.  Here we are with our 5 kids at the fair 20+ years ago.  Today Ruth and Paul are will be sitting briefly in the beef barn after bringing in their calves.  John will be here shortly to help me get the photography judged and he is Pat's right hand man around the fair.  I think this runs deep for us!  The fair was our summer and so it continues.

I just had a conversation with a good friend, who was sharing that her mother lost 6 after 5 months and they are buried by "grandpa."  So powerful to share this pain with others!  I am involved in a group on facebook of women that are suffering loss through miscarriage or still birth or SIDS.  How our hearts ache together when loss strikes along with the agony of suffering and mourning that comes with it.  Those empty arms yearn for that LIFE!  For some the path is super hard without the ability to have their own, and then the hard path of adoption lies ahead.  I say that I have tremendous peace knowing that all my little ones are here or in heaven, and how I love to witness my girls dying to self and being open to LIFE themselves.  The words from the Gospel in John 12 today speak so powerfully of this TRUTH - "If it dies, it produces much fruit."  How does this fit for those that cannot carry babies, and have numerous losses?  It is a mystery, but imagine the JOY in heaven when they go to be forever in Heaven with Jesus and are welcomed by all their LIGHTS!  What of those that are sterile?  So hard, yet they can still parent through adoption and raise LIGHTS!

Another familiar sight as we will be doing applesauce next week.  WE have the apples coming out of our ears this year!  I just took 84 quarts to Maria and Nancy to make room for the hundreds of quarts we will have this year.  Anyone want apples?

The Gospel today is so serious in the scheme of our lives!  Amen, amen, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains just a grain of wheat; but if it dies, it produces much fruit.  Whoever loves his life loses it, and whoever hates his life in this world will preserve it for eternal life.  Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there also will be my servant be.  The Father will honor whoever serves me.  The words of Christ to us!  How do you leave even one of those words of Truth out?  I see with eyes of Faith and eyes of my heart how this plays out in our families and our marriages as we must give without counting the cost in order for the Fruits of the Spirit to dwell in our domestic church/family!   How do we do this?  By dying to self so that The Holy Spirit can fill us with LIFE and we become his hands and feet!

The famous Easter hat/ John falling down picture from 25 years ago...  LOVE it!

Lord, all I want to be is to be forever with YOU in heaven!  How this world gets old and tiring yet there is LIFE and LIGHT and LOVE to keep me going thanks to our domestic Church/family which continues to grow and flourish as they are blessed with all you give us through your Bride, The Church, your Wonderful Mother of God, All the amazing Saints including St Lawrence today, and St Teresa Benedicta of The Cross yesterday and St Maximillian Kolbe in 3 days and on and on... I love, love, love The Saints and Mother Mary and The Church!  I am filled to overflowing by you in your Word each day read in all the Churches around the world and prayed over and taken out as we share the Gospel!  Jesus, we trust in you.  Amen and Hallelujah

Life is full of all the ups and downs that come with being open to life and raising lights!  Bless-bless, Barbara Luke

Such a great saint that lived behind the walls of a convent and died in her mid twenties, yet showed us that PRAYER is the most powerful and produces much fruit when we give our all to Christ!  Let us not forget the importance of PRAYER! 

St Max is just days away and such a powerful witness to giving our all!

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Maria's birthday and St Maximilian are on the 14th a great day!

"The saint who we celebrate today, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, is well known for all the writing she did on the dignity of women. She wrote about how one of the reasons women are set apart and unique is that a woman’s heart tends to be more sensitive and maternal - it comes more naturally to us to see and respond to the weak and the hurting. This is a beautiful gift!

She also wrote about h...ow women can do well in any profession, because any job or career can benefit from the unique gifts that the hearts of women can offer. She reiterated what the Church has always believed, that women are not lesser than men.

She said: “The feminine sex is ennobled by virtue of the Savior’s being born of a human mother; a woman was the gateway through which God found entrance to humankind.”

So if you ever feel like you’re not sure what you’re value is, or what you’re called to do and be as a woman - remember that above all, you are called to love in the unique way that only you can.

St. Teresa, pray for us!"
I thought this was great, so...............
And then there is St Dominic, who gave us the rosary/my lifeline and prayer companion throughout the day!
Finally - have a giggle on me... the sibling shot from Josie's baptism!

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